Tyco HO 1970s train set value

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Tyco HO 1970s train set value

  • Before I sell my original Tyco 1970s complete train set, still in boxes with manuals/instructions and add-ons, wondering if it has any considerable value before I let it go. Also have an old Lionel refrigerator dumping station, metal, with 3 magnetic jugs-- any value? 1950s model railroading book and 1950s Lionel price catalogue.
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  • Very doubtful that the Tyco set has much value.  The HO collector market is very weak (almost nonexistant).  There is a Tyco fan site http://tycotrain.tripod.com/tycotrains/index.html and an HO collectors SIG http://www.getnet.com/~dickg/nmra/sigs/HOSCHS/HOSCHS.html.  But the first isn't a dealer and the other you have to join.  Look on eBay to see what similar sets sell for.

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  • 70's Tyco collecting (brown box era) is growing and prices are going up. Which 70's Tyco set do you have? If it is in excellent to mint condition and complete with boxes and set box, it can get anyhere from $25 for a basic set to $200 for a deluxe set.

    For some better answers, go to the Tyco forum posted above.


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  • May I ask what is considered a deluxe set?

    I have a Tyco set of 32 HO trains that are in original boxes in mint condition.

    Would that be considered deluxe set?

    Thank you.

  • another is www.tycoforums.com  Along with Tyco it is a all HO toy trains type forum.

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