Is there anyway to connect Lionel fastrack to MTH realtrax via adaptors????

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Is there anyway to connect Lionel fastrack to MTH realtrax via adaptors????

  • Im curious is this possible to do and what will I need to do so .I have alot ot extra mth realtrax and want to use it if possible with my lionel fastrack track,can this be done,and how if possible. Any ideas will be appretitated.
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  • I used some sections of MTH rail for a non-ferrous test track and had no trouble soldering them to the tubular rails of the rest of the layout.  I think your Lionel rail is also tin plated and should be easy to solder.

    Bob Nelson

  • I believe both Lionel and MTH make a transition piece to 031 tube track.

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  • I was wondering if it was possible to solder ,but also if there where any adaptors out there on the market you all may know about.

    Im thinking that since I went with lionel fastrack and booted mth realtrax to the curb Its just that Mth stuff is to hard to get when needed I found.I was hoping I wouldnt have to soldier but it may be my only solution to use up all my MTh track I have laying around.

    I thankyou for that solution by all means it is a possibility.

  • now where talking I was wondering if this was possible to do and you may have hit the solution right on the head for me...

    I dont want to cut and alter the track if possible.Id hate to sell all my MTh track on ebay for pennies when I know I could use it some how.

  • Tom is correct.  You need a Lionel transition piece #6-12040 and an MTH adapter track section #40-1011.  One of each for each place that you want to make the transition.
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  • I knew there had to be a solution ..Thankyou all so much ...
  • This will work for fastrack I assume?
  • Get the FastTrack to O-31 adapter and then the RealTrax to O-31 adapter.  Connect the adapter's back to back and you're done.  BTW, I've connected just about everything to everything with adapter sections or adapter pins.
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  • If you are interested in FasTrack we have a new Yahoo Group focused upon FasTrack:

    Lionel_FasTrack_System Yahoo Group

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  • I will join thankyou..



  • I take it I wont need any old 027  3 rail to do this .will I ?

    from what I read its new mth realtax to lionel fastrack that would make the transition clean with out useing any 027 3 rail in between .

    I am also looking for the clips you mentioned I just want to keep things somewhat uniformed and want to shy away from any old style rail.




  • Both of the newer track systems are based on a "profile" (aka total rail height) that matches the older standard, O/O-31.  You can uses O-27 if you need to by using adapter pins and shimming up the track by placing bass wood/cardboard/whatever under the O-27 ties.  You do need to place any track between the adapters unless you choose to.  The adapter sections are litterally one side O and the other FasTrack or RealTrax.  Put the adapters abck to back and you are done.
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  • You guys are great thankyou for the info .....