New London Industries Stencils

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New London Industries Stencils

  • I've tried to find a website for this company, shown on the DIY Network last week for making clouds & mountains & such on your back drop. Does anyone have the website for this crew? Thanks, Jake
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  • Hi Jake,

    Try this link.

    John Fullerton Home of the BUBB&A
  • It will pop up a site window, but when you click on Products, it goes to an error message, do you get that? Thanks, Jake
  • Jake, Yes I do.  I tried it after I sent you the link.  Did you try to send them an email from the email link?  Don't know if they went out of business or is it is just a web site problem.

    John Fullerton Home of the BUBB&A
  • I tried and got the same results.  I did email them and asked for information on the products and notified them that the site was down.  I will let you know if I hear from them.




    Charter BTTs.jpg

  • Thanks much, Jake

    I guess a guy/gal could actually make the stencils, not much art work to it really. Fooled around with a bit with my primitive and I do mean primitive art skills, turned out pretty good actually. I used pieces of cardboard, and it looks about like what the show in DIY showed. Jake

  • Jake,  I was hunting something else and discovered that Walthers has these stencils on their site.

    This link should bring up a page of backgrounds, just scroll down to New London Ind.

    John Fullerton Home of the BUBB&A
  • Thanks much, that's the link for which I've been searching! Jake
  • Glad I could help.
    John Fullerton Home of the BUBB&A