Estimate for 1957 Lionel set [#2018]

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Estimate for 1957 Lionel set [#2018]
Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, April 18, 2001 8:03 PM
#2018 engine[with smoke] and tender 6026T 0-27 no magnetraction;#6112 cannister car;6121 flat bed;flat bed 3361;6017caboose [brown Penna];6014 white box car;155 Ringing HWY signal;138 water tower; 110-111 trestle set;1122 switch remote control;0119 tunnel;transformer with instructions. Requesting ball park $ for selling Thanks
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Posted by Algonquin on Wednesday, April 18, 2001 9:55 PM
Hi Greg,

I could not find an exact match for your set but it is similar to set # 1547S from 1956 with the exception of the color of the box car and type of caboose. I can give you values for the Greenberg guides for each item. I will list the values along with the condition ratings for each price. For a definition of the condition ratings , see some of the articles by John Grams on this site.

2018 loco and 6026T non-whistling tender -1956
Gd-$25, VG-$40, Ex-$65, LN-$100

6112 Lionel Gondola -1956-58 with 3 or four canisters
Gd-$3, VG-$5, Ex-$8, LN-$12

6121 flatcar with pipes 1965-57
Gd-$5, VG-$10, Ex-$15, LN-$20

3361 Log dump car -1955-59
Gd-$10, VG-$15, Ex-$25, LN-$45

6017 Caboose (i did not find a Pennsy listed but most go for the following)
Gd-$2, VG-$3, Ex-$4, LN-$7

6014 white Frisco box car. -1957
Gd-$3, VG-$5, Ex-$7, LN-$10

155 Blinking Light Signal with Bell -1955-57
Gd-$10, VG-$20, Ex-$30, LN-$40

138 Water Tower -1953-57
Gd-$30, VG-$40, Ex-$60, LN-$85

110 Trestle set 1955-69
Gd-$5, VG-$8, Ex-$15, LN-$25

111 Trestle set 1959-1969

1122 pair of switches
Gd-$10, VG-$20, Ex-$30, LN-$40

119 Landscape Tunnel 1959-66
no pricing avaliable in the guide.

Transformers range in value models 1010 thru 1025 are worth between $3 and $10 larger transformers such as the LW, KW, VW and ZW can be worth a couple hundred dollars.

The prices above are typically what a collector would pay in the original box. Selling to a dealer or train store you should expect 50-70% of the full value since they expect a profit for selling the inventory.

You can also check e-bay for recently sold similar items to get additional information on what items are going for.

I hope this helps.


Tim P.

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