LIONEL KW transformer manual ??

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LIONEL KW transformer manual ??

  • I just picked up one at York. Any place on the net to get a free copy of the manual on how to connect? Need help on hooking up to fast track with newer train.
    Thanks, Al
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  • Hello Njal! Chief Eagles over on the pot of Coffee post should be able to e-mail a manual to you. Give him a try. Take Care.
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  • Did not know that Lionel made a separate manual for the KW, there are some older instruction manuals that have close to every transformer Lionel used to make and they used to come with O gauge sets. Look at the output posts area on the KW and it lists the voltage outputs right on the back of the KW.
    Unless you need to protect a newer locomotive just wire the transformer straight to the track, can hook-up TMCC to the output side of the transformer before the track.
    Lee F.
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  • I have a manual and can e-mail you any answers to the diagram questions you may have. It's pretty straight forward with the A and U posts on 1 side(throttle ) for 1 track and the B and U posts on the other side for the other throttle. U is the ground.
  • I didn't check but is it available as a download from the Lionel site ?

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  • Thanks to all!! [:D] You were all a help [:)]
  • Is there an actual schematic of the KW available?

    Since I've never taken mine apart, I've been wondering if the A and B train controls each have their own winding with a sliding tap to control the track voltage or if they share the same winding and use dropping rheostats to control the track voltages.

    If the former, what would be the design maximum operating current for each train winding?

    ----------------------- Bill
  • Both outputs use the same secondary winding. The voltage is controlled by tapping that winding at varying points with carbon rollers--no rheostats. The maximum is the same for either output, 15 amperes.

    Bob Nelson

  • 10 amps on a KW, not 15.
  • Whoops. I was looking at KW and thinking ZW.

    Bob Nelson

  • QUOTE: Originally posted by BillP1

    Is there an actual schematic of the KW available?
    ----------------------- Bill
    (site was working as of 20:30 CDT)
  • Thanks to all for the info and the link to the schematic.

    ------------------------- Bill