need help wiring a electronic lionel e unit.

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need help wiring a electronic lionel e unit.

  • i need to know if any one can tell me how to wire a Lionel electronic e unit to a GP-9 with a pullmor motor. i want to replace the manual 3 position e unit it came with from the factory with a modern one. their a lot more quite. the part number of the new Lionel electronic e unit is 600-0103-001. it has 6 wires & the pullmor motor has several on it as well. The engine I'm trying to update is a NW 8763 GP-9 from the 70's. thanks for your help. [:D]
    thanks, jerry
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  • QSI and Dallee both make electronic E-units that can be directly substituted for the mechanical E-units in many postwar Lionel locomotives that did not use electronic circuit boards. I am not clear that the Lionel electronic E-unit that you mentioned can be used the same way,

    Does your loco utilize an electonic circuit board?

    Can anybody provide some insight regarding this?

  • Hello Nitroman! Check Lionel's Website for a diagram on how to wire the electronic reverse unit to the Motor in your GP-9. Or, send a e-mail to their Tech Department for a Wiring Diagram.Hope this helps.
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  • The 8763 was cataloged in 1977-78. It included a Pullmor motor and a mechanical 3-position e-unit. Wiring was similar to Postwar Geeps.

    Lionel introduced electronic e-units in 1980 to control locos with DC can motors. In addition to providing a reversing function, they converted the transformer AC power to DC power to run the can motors. The 600-0103-100 EEU came from this era. I've only seen it used with can motors; I don't think it can be used with Pullmor motors, which operate at a higher amperage.

    Locos with Pullmor motors used mechanical e-units until 1992-94, when EEU's for these motors were phased in. The part number for this EEU is 610-8689-126; it is available from Lionel and, presumably, Lionel service centers. A wiring schematic can be found at : Customer Service -> Part List & Pictorial Diagrams - > 18307.

    I agree with Wolverine - consider a Dallee #400 E-unit, $44.95 ( ).
  • ChrisF,

    Thank you for posting a very clear answer to nitroman's question.

    I have checked out the "pictorial diagrams" at the Lionel website, and am persuaded that:
    1. the Lionel 600-0103-001 will NOT work in nitroman's application;
    2. the Lionel 610-8689-126 MIGHT be made to work, but it doesn't look simple;
    3. Both Dallee and QSI make electronic e-units that are direct substitutes for the mechanical e-unit that came with the locomotive, and are sized to fit in the same space and use the existing mounting bracket as the mechanical unit.

    I have considerable personal experience with the QSI unit, which I think is designated acru-e, but availability is sometimes problematic. When they are available they have proven excellent with respect to clarity of instructions, ease of installation, and performance. The Dallee model also seems to have a very good reputation -- I just haven't tried one yet.


  • A simpler modification which might do the job of quieting it is to insert a small bridge rectifier before the e-unit's coil.

    Bob Nelson

  • i thought about a bridge rectifier but i would rather try a new electronic e unit instead. i have dead spots in my tract (old track) & it cycles the e unit on it's on. sudden stops.
    thanks, jerry
  • Just got a Backshp DVD that adresses electronic reversing units for Lionel diesels. Let me review it and see if it covers the AC Pullmore motors. Now Lionelsoni [Bob] is an expert with electronics. Bob: seems like to me I have seen something about how to convert older Lionel AC motor to DC. ????? That was an alturnative during the late 70's and early 80's that was used by some. [Been a long time since I was up to date on that subject]

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  • Here is what he used. A QSI AC RULP. Was easy to do. I do not think the ones you have will work [if I know the ones you have] as they were from MPC GP9's that have can motors in the trucks. Now if someone can tell you how to convert them, OK. If not, I would call QSI or DD or TAS. The QSI one can be converted to sound with a plug in board. Bet Lionel has one for that motor too.

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