Lionel BNSF ET44C Tier 4 diesel locomotive out of the box. Day 2

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Lionel BNSF ET44C Tier 4 diesel locomotive out of the box. Day 2
Posted by KRM on Friday, June 21, 2019 9:12 PM

Day 2,
More run time,
Took some pictures of the cars that came with the set, I love the well car and the detail on it as well as the detail on the tank car. The box car is okay but nothing special.
Am kinda pissed it will not work on the Samson tablet I got (list as incompatible with this device) so WTH good is the Bluetooth option? Glad it came with a remote. It derailed on a switch coming out of the yard with the long consist so I know it will need weight. It has a fair slow operation speed but not the best engine for kids. The horn on the top is very fragile and would not last a day with a kid. The detail and sound system is very good on it though. So, I decided to see how it does pulling my grade and I am impressed for a engine without speed control it pulled the long consist up the grade with very little slowing down.  I think with some weight this will be a very good value for the money.
So here is the video of it on the climb so you can see for yourself how well it did. Also, some pictures of the cars it comes with. I will also leave the link if you want to view it on a larger screen than is provided here.


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Posted by dbaker48 on Saturday, June 22, 2019 10:35 AM


Very good review.  Looks like a good runner, a Kids set?  Looks like an adult set to me.  I was able to find a "Fred" device for one of my well cars from MTH, works well.  All the cars look pretty good to me, and really enjoy the layout.

Good Job!


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Posted by dougdagrump on Saturday, June 22, 2019 5:38 PM

Kevin, I was also a bit perturbed when I bought the Lionel Halloween Mikado with bluetooth. My BetterHalf had bought an Amazon Kindle for me because I was under the "assumption", I know spell assume,that it would work with it. To my surprise the Kindle is Android based however only to the point that it works with Amazon crap only. I did find some work arounds that would make it compatible to all Android system features but the risk of completely trashing it didn't sound appealing. I did find a cheap RCA tablet at WallyWorld, think it was only about $50 that works quite well and it will handle both the Lionel and MTH apps. I am a bit on the "thrifty" side, I couldn't see dropping well over $100 just to operate my trains.

Nice layout !   

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