Help identifying K-Line Specialty cars

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Help identifying K-Line Specialty cars
Posted by phrankenstign on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 7:54 PM

I have boxed K-Line cars I bought years ago at the first K-Line SuperStore in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  While documenting all of my train stuff, I looked for item/model numbers and/or UPC numbers on the boxes and cars themselves.  However there aren't any on two of my cars.  I need help identifying the designated item/model number for both.  I bought a hardcover book K-Line released back in the 1990s that I believe contained every single item they'd produced up until then.  However I haven't been able to locate it.  So....I'm hoping someone here who has that book can look them up.

The black covered hopper has the same chrome gold and chrome blue markings on both sides.

  • A top hat and cane picture, "New York New York", some 1/8 musical notes, "K-LINE ELECTRIC TRAINS" are printed in chrome gold.
  • "TOY FAIR 1988", "BLT 2-88", and "K-LINE" are printed in chrome blue.
  • A removable cover is included, but none of the hatches open

The boxcar is powder blue with white doors:

  • Printed in white on the left side of the door are: "Happy Birthday", "June 29, 1990", and "BLT 6-29-90 WHEN EMPTY RETURN TO LAUREL SPRINGS CHAPEL HILL, NC".
  • Printed in white on the right side of the door are: "027KC1", "36TH T.C.A. NAT'L CONVENTION ATLANTA, GA" and a picture of some buildings.
  • Printed in pink is "Ashley" located beneath the white "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".
  • Both sides are painted the same.
  • At first, I thought "027KC1" was the Item/Model number.  However I have another boxcar with the following printed on the box:
  • K-514111
  • 027KC11
  • I'm guessing the 027KC prefix designates a subcategory for specialty runs. I believe the one designated 027KC11 is the eleventh such car while the other is the first.

Can someone here help me?

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