CTT 250th issue

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CTT 250th issue
Posted by kovalev on Monday, December 31, 2018 11:23 PM

Since the Feb 2019 issue is listed as the 250th issue, maybe I am off with my collection, any input on this list : 

I have for each year, 1987-1,1988-2,1989-4,1990-1995-6ea ,1996-1998-8ea, 1999-2018-9ea ,that is 247, so with Jan,Feb 2019 ,I have 249,,,What have I missed,,I am going crazy trying to figure this out...Regards..Happy New Year...

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Posted by wrmcclellan on Wednesday, January 02, 2019 10:19 AM


I went and checked my collection and note that summer '88 states "First Quarterly Issue" on the cover. After that I only have a fall '88, but no winter '88 issue, so I also have just 2 issues for 1988.

I do not have the DVD collection to check to see if there was a winter '88 issue or not.


However - reading the Editors Page in the Spring '89 issue, there is a note:

"* Some readers have expressed concern that the winter issue was labled Winter 1989. Here's the logic: if we had called it Winter 1988, on January 1, 1989, it could have been removed from the newsstands after only one month of being on sale. Also, two of the three months during which it is on sale are in 1989, only one in 1988. To avoid confusion next year's winter issue will be called WInter 1989/1990. Finally we called the winter issue Volume 2, Number 1 so that we'd begin each volume at the beginning of the year, rather than in the fall (premier issue) or summer (first quarterly issue). So, don't be alarmed that you've missed a whole year of CTT; if you got Winter 1989 you're right in step with us."

So there must have been a Winter 1988 issue that I never got, and if it actually exists, then yes there are now 250 issues.


BTW - the above convoluted "explanation" of the reasons for the issues labeling reminded me of so many long useless meetings where particpants argued ad nauseam for some minor issue such as the above. I can only imagine the hours spent creating that "note". So glad I am retired.


Further  - the Winter 1989 issue was labled "Winter 1989" not the aforementioned Winter 1989/1990. There must have been another all day meeting on that one!

Regards, Roy


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Posted by hielsie on Wednesday, January 02, 2019 10:56 AM

Error is your count for 95. 7 in that year. Same as 94 with addition of Dec in 95.

I have all.


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Posted by wrmcclellan on Wednesday, January 02, 2019 11:02 AM

Intriguing isn't it?

I also have them all and yes there are 7 issues in 1995. Good catch.

So if Dick Christianson was correct in stating there was a Winter 1988 issue (wouldn't the editor know? Smile, Wink & Grin), then the Feb 2019 issue is #251!


I did not catch this previously. Rereading the editor's note, I do have the Winter '88 issue - it is labeled Winter '89 as expained above (it is labeled as Vol 2, No 1).




1989 - 4 (winter issue labeled 1989 is Vol 2, No 1 released in Winter 1988, Fall issue labeled Vol 2, No 4)

1990-1994 - 6ea (Feb 1990 labeled Vol 3, No 1)

1995 - 7 (Dec issue labeled Vol 8, No 7)

1996-1998 - 8ea

1999-2018 - 9ea

Jan,Feb 2019 , 250 total

Regards, Roy


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Posted by kovalev on Wednesday, January 02, 2019 4:00 PM

Thank you all for the notes,,I never saw the Dec 1995 issue, now it all adds up.

Have a nice New Year..Feb 2019 is now 250... even for me

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Posted by phrankenstign on Saturday, January 05, 2019 3:44 AM

Now that the regular issue count has been settled, which ones came in a bag that included a free magazine supplement free?

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