Lionel GG1s

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Posted by Tootle on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 2:22 PM

I find it odd that none of them at least move a little bit.  When was the last time these units were run?

I ran into a similar problem several years ago with a mint gantry crane that was several years old.  Took it out of the box, hooked it up to a ZW and, nothing.  The gearboxes were full of hardened "grease" and everything was frozen solid.

For this reason I'd have to agree with BigAl; pull the motors and clean out and replace the grease in the gearboxes.  Use some Lucas Red N Tacky.  It all sounds a bit daunting at first blush, I know, but it's really not difficult.  And, if you take a few pictures during disassembly, re-assembly will be a snap.  Good luck, and let us know how you make out.

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Posted by Jefe on Friday, November 30, 2018 5:58 PM

BigAl 956

GG1s are I,m using an ZW. I'm a little bit jumpy about pulling the motors

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Posted by BigAl 956 on Friday, November 30, 2018 9:08 AM

GG1s are heavy and suck up a lot of juice. What are you powering them with?

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Posted by sir james I on Thursday, November 29, 2018 5:17 PM

Did you pull the motors? If not you need to do that. Clean out the old grease and relube.

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Lionel GG1s
Posted by Jefe on Thursday, November 29, 2018 3:14 PM

I have three of these guys, 4935,8753, and 6-18003.  I planned on running one with the layout this year. None of them work.  They all just grind and barely move.  I cleaned the armatures and brushes, dabbed oil and still darn near nothing.  What happened to these guys?  The 18003 can't possibly have more than 5 hours.  Oh I greased them all lightly.  Allinput/suggestions welcome. TIA



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