Replacement drawbar for Lionel 6-18005 700e Hudson

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Replacement drawbar for Lionel 6-18005 700e Hudson
Posted by Retin16 on Friday, February 09, 2018 8:05 PM

Hello everyone, I purchased a near-mint 6-18005 700e Hudson in December.  It's basically immaculate but for the drawbar on the tender.  What's there works but it's all scratched up and not a smoothly-finished part, almost like someone substituted a homemade part.  (No clue as to why!)  I'm seeking a source for the proper drawbar.  Any leads will be greatly appreciated.

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Posted by wrmcclellan on Monday, February 12, 2018 11:19 PM

Not many options here. Lionel service has few parts for the 18005 since it was offered over 27 years ago. I checked the site and no tender parts (drawbar is part of the tender). The newer 700E's have a special drawbar for electronics between tender and loco.

I looked at the pre-war 700E drawbar (part num 700T-22) and do not think it will work. The 700E used a double drawbar like the real locomotive. The 18005 Lionel changed the place where the tender drawbar attached vs the prewar 700E (uses the top of the trailing truck vs the loco frame under the cab).

Olsen 700E pic

Here is a pic that shows how the 18005 drawbar has an offset to account for the lower mounting spot on the trailing truck. I have an 18005 but not the prewar although I have admired a few at York.

You could try calling the parts folks that advertise in CTT. Several of them bought 'lots' of parts when Lionel sold off a lot of the older stuff and Kuhn sold the Madison Hardware parts.

Regards, Roy


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