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Posted by Papa_D on Monday, January 21, 2019 2:08 PM

Last thoughts on Marx 400 & 490 Set numbers. 

First, I purchased Greenberg’s Guide to Marx Trains, Vol 3: Set for a bargain price of $70 on eBay. 

Definitely well worth the price with a lot of information on Marx trains in general, not just sets. Like other Marx reference material it has its deficiencies. However this is more of a reflection of the way that Marx marketed trains than the effort put forth by the author. It’s noted that in the vast majority of cases, Marx didn’t put catalog numbers on sets sold to Sears, Montgomery Wards, Spiegel, etc. It’s also noted that Marx frequently varied the contents of a set or even used the same set number for entirely different content.

Based on all the available information here is my best assessment of Marx set numbers that contained 400, 490, or 401 mechanical steam engines:

It appears that ’62 was a “anything goes” year for Marx with set no. 473-SM containing either a 400, 490 or 401 mechanical steam engine with smoke. The latter two engines being somewhat difficult to find, particularly without cracks or shell breaks. 

With this out of the way, I’ll get back to a 198 Marlines update in my next post.

Papa D


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