4 x 8 O gauge layout ideas . What do you suggest?

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4 x 8 O gauge layout ideas . What do you suggest?

  • I have a 4 x 8 train table and need some O gauge layout plans. Please give me some ideas or refer me to a website. Thanx
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  • try this one www.thortrains.net
  • Try these books;

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  • I would include a oval with a figure 8. This reqiures 4 switches and a 90 degree crossing.
    This basic layout give two reversing loops, lots of switching action and ability to run the oval and the 8 in either direction.
    I you are doing this on a budget, try Marx switches. The old metal ones should go for $10 a pair at train shows or ebay. I have 27 on my layout.

    Here is a link showing my big board control panel layout with the oval and 8. I have a turntable in one section of the 8.


  • thanx charlie but i have fast track, so it takes up more room. But would a Figure 8 with a tressel instead of a croosover work?
  • I doubt you can use a cross over because of your small size would not give enough track to have a grade that your locos could pull.

    I am not familiar with Fast track as to the radius. 8 X4 is best with 027 and I bet yours is larger than 027. If so you will be limited at to how much track you can have. You can see from my diagram I have wall to wall track!!

    One neat 8 x 4 layout is shown in the" Lionel 0/027 Train and Accessory Manual" on page 31. This booklet is very good and is on ebay or maybe at your train dealer. Mine cost $1.50 20 years ago. Tihs layout is oval with one side and end a 2110 trestle set that goes to a second track that is figure 8 on a second layer. The same trestle is used to go up and down. It is about as much as you can get on 4 x8 and is for 0 or 027.

  • The Kalamback book of display layouts has some layouts using Super o which is a 36" diameter like the Fasttrack. It's a great book just to look at the old display layouts done by Lionel. One thing most of them have are multitrain operation, even if it's just a gang car going back and forth on a feqw sections of track. For 4x8's the more action you pack in the better. Don't forget about multilevel as well - a loop supported on elevated trestles.
  • Lionel has various layouts right on their site. Try here:

  • Unfortunately, none of the suggested layouts on the Lionel page are fasttrak!?!

    My suggestion would be to first consider adding on just a bit to your table - fasttrak is happier on 5x9 as the smallest radius is 036. Just lay some construction foam on top of your existing table - it can overhang 6" with minimal support . And the foam will help quiet things a bit. 4x8 can only give you one loop and some inside sidings. 5x9 can give you 2 loops or one loop with a large passing siding. Either has ample room for inside sidings. A figure 8/oval needs 5x9. A few short sidings will fit in coming off the arms of the "x" in the middle of the layout. There's not much out there on the web for fasttrak - some essential pieces have only recently become available.

    Let me know and I'll send you diagrams of these setups done in fasttrak. Happy holidays!
  • Try Atlas O web site, they have a few layouts that will fit on a 4' X 8' piece of plywood.

    Check under layouts.
  • Yeah, send me some diagrams . Thanx

    By the way i was thinking of adding about a 10 inch on each side extension on my table. Thanx

  • Hi Colin, I sent you my home email address so you email me directly. Just drop me a line at home and I'll send you some fasttrak-based 4x8 and 5x9 designs. There's really very little out there on the web - not even from lionel...
  • Hey old 2037, do you live in NJ? I checked out more about you in your member profile.

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  • Can you email them to me? I'll print them off . Thanx

    My email address is colinsnell@comcast.net
  • Look at www.thortrains.net