Functionalizing an MPC Dockside Loco

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Functionalizing an MPC Dockside Loco
Posted by Barry G. Milstead on Thursday, May 18, 2017 12:52 PM

 I've had a Lionel MPC #82009 Dockside locomotive for several years. (The one with the balloon stack) I like this engine and wanted to improve it's functionality. After drilling a hole behind the pilot, a 6/32 machine screw and some washers and a nylon lock nut were used to attach a non operating knuckle coupler. Now there is a fixed knuckle coupler on each end of the locomotive itself.

 Like most people, a stockpile of slope backed tenders has accumulated in the train room, so I thought I'd put one to use. I selected the one with the cheesiest MPC construction (basically tab and slot, not even a screw!) but equipped with an operating coupler. Pivoting the drawbar inward, I installed a magnetic coupler to attach the tender to the 86009's rear fixed knuckle. The combination looks pretty good. This loco was now ready to go to work, and did so quite well.

 The 82009 has a two position e-unit, so it can easily be used for switching. OK, the 1615 does most of the switching, but the 82009 was THERE, and not seeing enough track time, so why not? Y'all just KNOW the temptation was too great, and after ensuring both locos were set in forward, the switchers were double-headed, with the 1615 in the lead. Pretty spiffy seeing them work in tandem like that!

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Posted by LL675 on Thursday, May 18, 2017 4:33 PM
pics or it didn't happen....:)


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