Marx 1666 bottom chest smoker

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Marx 1666 bottom chest smoker
Posted by 8305 on Friday, May 5, 2017 8:45 AM

Hello every one,

I have a few questions on the marx 1666 and sorry to interupt this thread. Cannot figure where the blue button is for a new topic. That said...

I have a Marx 666 shell and a 1666 engine. O gauge. Chest smoker with bottom smoke and top smoke. I am missing a gear side driver rod that pushes the smoke piston in and out for smoke production. Along with what ever connects the drive rod to the metal elbow that is connected to the smoke piston.

  What I have done is formed a bent rod to fit the 1666 marx wheel but need a picture of how the two are connected. What I am asking is: (1) would any one have a diagram or pictures of the connection between the two, so I can attempt to make the connection. (2) since I have never seen the connection it would help. (3) Have contacted Robert at Port Lines and he has no more of these drive rods. He has given info on may be a person who may be able to make one, but I like to be hands on and it enlightens my soul to do it my self with acomplishment.

Thank You ,


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