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Forum policies
Posted by Bob Keller on Friday, February 24, 2017 8:25 AM

Also shamelessly copied from Steve Otte at the Model Railroader magazine forum.


Here's a quick and easy, distilled version of the most important Forum policies. Scroll down for the more detailed version below.

Off Topic Stay on topic -- model train talk only, please (though civil off-topic discussion is tolerated in the Diner thread).

Angry Stay away from divisive topics, like graffiti, hoboes, train-hopping, and what makes a "real model railroader."

SoapBox Avoid controversial off-topic subjects like race, religion, ethnicity, sex, violence, guns, abortion, politics, unions, and immigration, even in signatures. This extends to images, as well.

Bang Head Be civil. No name-calling, insults, or put-downs (including accusing others of "trolling").

Devil Keep it clean. No "bad words," even if you replace them with $¥MßØ1$. And no racy pictures or discussion of adult topics.

My 2 CentsThumbs Down No selling or advertising. That means no links or references of any kind to items or services for sale or auction. No promoting events, fund-raisers, contests, websites, Facebook groups, or other Forums, either.

If you spot a violation of these policies, have a problem with another Forum user, or want to contact the site moderators for any other reason, use the "Report Abuse" icon at the lower-left of every post.

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