Looking for info on Lionel semi-scale Hudson

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Looking for info on Lionel semi-scale Hudson

  • I was looking around and found a Lionel 6-28044 Hudson for sale. I don't know much about it, but it appears to be a semi-scale Hudson (also referred to as a "baby" Hudson - 21" long) with a can motor and signal sounds and command upgradeable. It looks like it was part of the 2000 6-21956 New York Central Freight set. Interestingly, Lionel had a similar set the same year with the only difference being conventional railsounds, with the set number being 6-21988 and the Hudson 6-28065.

    Is anyone familiar with these Hudson locomotives or similar vintage as far as looks, operation, problems, etc.?


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  • I believe I have that engine but mine has tmcc in it and rail sounds mine runs good but not real happy with the whistle as had another steamer not long ago that had the echo whistle in low speeds to make it sound like it was echoing off the mountains mine is 6-28007 NYC Hudson with railsounds ans TMCC ( just went and looked) love mine It came from a set also I believe

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  • Thanks for the info.