Lionel 671 restoration, parts and wiring diagram?

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Lionel 671 restoration, parts and wiring diagram?

  • i am fixing a Lionel S2 671turbine i found while cleaning out my uncles house, since he ran a hobby shop, this was supposed to be fixed or used as a parts engine. so far i have cleaned the body shell and chassis with 409, and ordered on ebay the front and back truck, where can i find a exploded parts diagram and a wiring diagram? it would really help. hopefully to post pictures.

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  • Hi Blake,

    Greengerg's "Repair & Operating Manual for Lionel Trains" contains  both the exploded diagrams and wiring diagrams.

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    Try this link from Olson's and go down to 671 and enter


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  • Blake,

    Lionel engine 671 is another one of Lionel's work horses.


  • A "Workhorse" that only had a single prototype, and never went into actual production!   For a single real locomotive, Lionel milked this one for all it was worth! Laugh


  • gunrunnerjohn,

    t's a shame the real engine never worked out and was discarded immediately.
    But, then again money talks, everyone else walks!!!!!


  • One of my favorite Lionel locos in both postwar and modern versions. The 682 is the "ultimate" postwar version, but has been faked many times. There are two SCALE SIZE modern S2 turbines and they are HUGE. The only difference is one has a tether to the tender and the other is "tetherless".
    I have both and have never put them down on the track to run. Both are brand new in the box. They only run on 072 or bigger curves. Can't do that in my living room Big Smile

    In real life the S2 worked good at speed, but was a major fuel and water hog at low speeds. Wish I could have seen it in real life. It had a distinctive sound that was completely different than a normal steam engine. Sort of a high pitch HISSSSSSS.

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  • The scale S2 from Lionel. Not 100% sure, but I THINK this was the last loco made in USA by Lionel.

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  • Beautiful locomotive! Now I gotta have one!