American flyer track hookup

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American flyer track hookup

  • Hi everone. What is needed to hookup a american flyer track to transformer. Is  it like the lionel? Can the lionel be used. Thank you

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  • Hi welcome to the forums,  But this question should have been on the Classic Toy Train Forum.  Since I am a Flyer nut I have your answer.  Flyer transformers hase normally three binding post labeled BASE, Variable and fixed.  The train is connected to the Base (common) and to the middle variable voltage post .  Most accessorys and lights are connected to the Base and fixed voltage posts.   If you are using another manufacturer's transformer than the connections are different.  The common (Base) for many Lionel transformers is labled "U" and there are multiple variable posts that you can connect to.  American Flyer trains operate between 7 to 15 volts and you should select a comparable binding post.  See you on the toy trains site!

  • Thank you Major. I did not want to start out damaging the trains,

  • To hook up American Flyer track to the transformer, you need a track terminal.  Here is a link to one source and a photo of what the track terminal looks like:

    The terminal clips onto the underside of the track across both rails.  Two wires connect to the end of the terminal.  One wire is connected from the terminal to the Base (Common) post on the transformer.  The other wire is connected from the terminal to the middle post on the transformer which is the variable voltage post.  Until you get more experienced with operating vintage American Flyer trains, it is best to stick with an American Flyer transformer.


  • Thanks Rich. That is just what i was looking for. The pictures really helped me to know what i was looking for. Thank you

  • The terminal labeled "U" of traditional Lionel transformers is the common ("base" in Flyerese) for transformers with multiple variable outputs, but is the variable output for transformers with only one variable output.  For example, A or B of a 1033 may be used as the common, but U is the variable output.

    Bob Nelson

  • The American Flyer track clips have a wider spacing than the regular Lionel track clips. You need either the American Flyer or the universal track clip that has two slots; one for the center rail on Lionel track to hook up to and the other one is needed for A.F. track.

    American Flyer and Lionel both use A.C. transformers. Lionel transformers have more voltage output then American Flyer transformers do.

    Lee F.

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