Addams Family Train set.

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Addams Family Train set.

  • I always remembered the Addams Family show for Gomez blowing up his train sets.

    I ran accross this train layout from the unoficial Addams family website and thought I'd share. Maybe this layout should be in the pages of CTT. God knows I've blown up my share of trains....although mostly unintentionally.

    has anyone seen this before?
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  • AAAHHHH brings a tear to my eye!!!
  • This is really cool! With TVland beginning to show the 60's series, I was wondering what different train sets Gomez used. I wish I could tell.
  • I see that they offer a model kit of the Addams family mansion for $19.95. I can't tell what scale it is, though.
  • That's what I like! You never know what you might hook-up with on these forums.acj
  • Dr. John,

    What are you talking about? I didn't see that.

    I think this is just what some set designer did for the movie in the 1990s.

  • Plasticlizard,

    Go to the "collectibles" link on the website, then click on "toys" and scroll down. You'll see the kit I mentioned.
  • I recall once reading somewhere on the internet that on the original 60's Addams Family that the train wreck scenes were only filmed once for the first show and then that same footage was just used again and again. Unfortunately, I've never had a chance to see the original show. The pictures on the site show a geep, Warbonnet passenger set and a larger steamer-they certainly went top-of-the-line when picking what trains to use! At least on the new version of the show they just use cheap NYC Flyer sets. Just imagine what the original trains used in the show would be worth if they were still around today (even if in bad condition). Perhaps in a far corner of some studio's prop room lies a dusty forgotten box of damaged Lionel trains waiting to be discovered...
  • I could be mistaken, but believe the mansion kit was originally advertised as HO scale

    I tried to sell my two cents worth, but no one would give me a plug nickel for it.

  • QUOTE: Originally posted by Dr. John

    I see that they offer a model kit of the Addams family mansion for $19.95. I can't tell what scale it is, though.

    its HO, so is the Polar Lights model kit for the House from 'Psycho'

      Have fun with your trains