K-Line napa valley wine train

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K-Line napa valley wine train

  • O .K.since alot of you have "viewed" my question.. does ANYONE own a napa valley (k-line) wine set?
    does anyone own a napa valley freight cars? should be 3 box cars, 3 gongolas, possibly 1 tank car. let me know.
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  • stangme,

    I have a K-Line NAPA Valley Wine Train set. What do you want to know?
  • I own a Napa Valley K-Line passenger set.

  • Napa Valley freights by K-line

    K645-5901 Markam Vineyards reefer
    K645-5902 Chateau Montelena reefer
    K645-5903 DeMoor reefer
    K677601 Carneros Creek wine car (Closed Side)
    K677602 Atlas Peak "Sangiovese" wine car (open side w/vats)
    K6554 Goosecross Cellars gondola
    K635201 Sattui tank car
    K640601 Acacia boxcar

    Total of 8 freight cars in addition to the passenger set

    Would have been nice if K-line had made a caboose for this set
    Hope this is what you were looking for
  • Big Steam, god I love that name! thank-you for anwsering the question I have been in hot pursuit for over two years. HAVE YOU ACTUALLY SEEN any of these cars? I have been told now by 4 other people that these cars do not exsist except for the first two. the rest were phased out of production. I really appreciate your help.
  • Tholls,Galy95, did you get the F-3 dummy with your set, or did you get all 4 coach cars?I have the 3 coaches and a dummy F-3, however the color on the dummy does not match the rest of the set. I was told that I have a demostrater's sample???? Again lack of anwsers to these questions from the dealer I purchased this from.
  • I have all eight of the cars that I listed. When I bought the passenger set (from SVC trains) a number of years ago, I made it a point to find the freight cars at that time. The reefers, gondola and wine cars were easy as most of them were on sale at various K-line dealers. The boxcar and tankcar, which were issued first, were a bit more difficult to find. At that time, the tankcar was bringing close to $100 when you could find one, at least on ebay. I was lucky to find one at York at a much more reasonable price. The passenger set consists ot AA Alcos, powered and dummy, and 5 passenger cars. K-line also made a "Grapes of Wrath" cafe which can still be found fairly easily.

    And, I can assure you that all eight of the cars were made and are findable. By the way, all eight are packaged in a specially designed box labeled "Wineries of The Napa Valley" in a light purple color with gold lettering. Also has a green grapes design. Makes it a bit easier to spot these cars if looking at a large group of boxes because these are different from all of the others. Happy hunting!
  • The "Loose Caboose", a hobby shop in Napa has always had a large selection of the wine train cars for sale. They have a toll free number and website to get updated information on what is in stock. The wine train runs daily past the front of this store and they have become the local experts on consists and colors.

    The beautifully done tank car is a limited edition of 1,000 cars produced exclusively for this store, and there are a few still available. The K line cars were easily obtainable last year when I was completing the wine train consist, and I would suspect they can still be purchased with little difficulty.
  • stangme, my K-Line set is #1511, made in 1995. It has 5 cars, one of which is a vista-dome. It also has the dummy engine, but they are Alco's, NOT F-3's.