My Fastrack Layout Photos on Tony Lash's website

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My Fastrack Layout Photos on Tony Lash's website

  • Tony Lash has posted some photos from my 16 x12 Fastrack layout. Take a look:

    Tony of course has some other great photos of his layout and from recent Yorks. [8D]
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  • Great photos. [:D][:D][:D] I like the accessories on the layout.

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  • Very nice Joe!!! I did the slide show, and my favorite photo was #9. That low angle shot looking through all of the switches was cool.

    In the past I have been very down on Fastrack. However, in your application it looks nice and seems practical since your track plan does not appear to be too complicated.

    Out of curiosity, how is the sound level from rail noise along those long straights?

    There are people in the last few shots, is one of them you, or were you behind the camera the whole time?[swg]
  • Elliot, The Photos where taken by Stirling Woodin. If you look at photo #20 I'm in the middle talking to Tony Lash. Bill Robbins is on the left facing the layout. I'm glad you liked the photos. I hope that they show that you can build a nice layout with Fastrack.
  • Very nice layout! Thanks for posting!

  • I'm glad you all enjoy it. Fastrack is easy to use and its no more noisy then traditional tubular track. The best thing is that it takes no work to set up and it makes easy to tear down and rebuild your layout with new track plans.
  • Do you plan to add/modifiy the layout when more of the Fastrack is released? Don't get me wrong, it looks awsome, I was just curions if there was something that you wanted to do, but couldn't because of the selection.

    Great job!!!!!
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  • Well, my Lionel Century Club II Niagara won't go around the Fastrack O-36 curves. However, my CC 773 Hudson will. I want to try the Niagara on the O-48 when it does come out.
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by jbolton364

    I'm glad you all enjoy it. Fastrack is easy to use and its no more noisy then traditional tubular track. The best thing is that it takes no work to set up and it makes easy to tear down and rebuild your layout with new track plans.

    I beg to differ. What am I hearing on my layout?--so noisy it detracts from the railsounds--and my benchwork looks the same as this guys. Maybe it's no louder than tubular track WITHOUT vinylbed, but if you compare it to tubular WITH vinylbed, there's no doubting that fasTrack is too noisy. HEY ROCK--where are you when I need you?

    The reason I jump in and dispute this is because I don't want people thinking that FasTrack is quieter than what I have said. I have done testing and this is not a blind statement. I'm only looking out for people that may want a quiet layout.
  • So far, the "noisy" issue of Fastrack has been mostly subjective...what I would LOVE to see is a more scientific appraisal - wouldn't it be great to get an actual decibel comparison of Fastrack with other track systems? Set them up, side by side, on the SAME surface, with the SAME loco pulling the SAME consist, running at the SAME speed, and take readings with the SAME instrument. That, to me, would be hard evidence.

    But even so, some might actually prefer the louder noise because they would associate it with their memories of running trains in their youth; but then we could all make an informed decision and go from there.

    For the record, until scientifically proven otherwise, I share the same feelings of Amtrak Jack and Professor's a little too noisy for me.

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  • Yes, and that is very true Jim. I know it is a cool looking track system and that is why I tested it. It is fine for people who won't mind the noise. For my money, I like to hear the railsounds I have paid a thousand dollars for.
  • I have Railsound engines and I have no problem hearing every Railsound feature to include the Crew Talk and Towercom. I've heard this "Fastrack is too noisy" before and frankly I just don't agree with it. Fastrack is no more noisy then tubular track. I've used both extensively so I think I can state it with some authority. Besides this thread is not about how noisy FASTRACK is, its about sharing pictures of my layout with my fellow train guys. So enjoy the layout pictues, you only need to see them, not hear them! :)