Marx 1959 William Crooks train set

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Marx 1959 William Crooks train set

  • Does anyone out there have the Marx "William Crooks" civil war era locomotive first offered in 1959. The loco was a 4-4-0 with smoke unit and was similar to the Lionel General. It came with a tender that had simulated wood logs for fuel and had two four wheel trucks and a Marx automatic fork coupler. Rounding out the set were a tin baggage car and tin passenger car both equipped with two 4 wheel trucks and same couplers as the tender. I remember receiving that set for Christmas 1959. My parents ordered it through the Sears Christmas catalog and it came with O-34 wide radius curved track, some telegraph poles, an uncoupling section track, bottle of smoke fluid,lockon and 50 watt transformer. As I recall it was a good smoker and runner. I'm looking for one as I'd like to buy one again to replace my long gone set.

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  • There are about 4 sets on E-Bay right now. One of them looks a lot like what you describe.



  • Thanks for your reply and information. I'll check it out.



  • Be careful when looking for a Marx William Crooks Engine.


    The one you described is the most desirable and attractive of the offerings, and Marx smoke units

    do work like crazy. 


    HOWEVER, a mechanical (ie: wind up) version was offered, and this one turns up more than the electric versions.

    Further during the final years of Marx train production in the early 1970's, a  revised , electric Willam Crooks was offered, but lacked smoke and some other decorative features.




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  • Thanks for the info Ken. I thought it smoked pretty good as I had previously mentioned. I'm pretty used to the new MTH smoke units so I guess it can't be any more prolific than they are. I saw one set on e-bay offered at $300 + It looks like it's in like new condition from the pictures and has the original box which is also in great condition. Now the question is how bad do I want it? HAHA Thanks



  • I have two of these set and love them. I still had one from when I was a kid and just bought one about a month ago for about 75 bucks at auction.

  • I wish that I still had my original one like yourself from a nostalgic and emotional point of view as both of my parents have gone on to their final reward. Ah, the stupidity of my youth. Only a few years after I sold my childhood trains, I settled down, got married and had my own family. Boy, did I wish that I still had my old trains then. I guess alot of people on this forum have gone down this same road. Anyway, I'd be glad to purchase the set for what you paid for it. Although I run all MTH scale engines with PS2 now, there's something magical about having those old postwar trains around to take out and run now and then.