Wabash N-1 Phantom 2-10-4 same as C&O T-1?

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Wabash N-1 Phantom 2-10-4 same as C&O T-1?
Posted by Anonymous on Monday, October 27, 2003 8:39 PM
In the last issue of Classic Trains(FALL 03) there was an article of the designed but never built Wabash R.R. class N-1 2-10-4. After looking at the article several times I am struck by the similarities that this locomotive has to the C&O T-1.

While there are several difference in the 2 designs, the similarities stand out.
Had Wabash built this engine undoubtly they would have had freight hauler that could pinch hit on passenger trains.

If I was designing this locomotive the one change I would make is to enlarge the driver diameter to 69 or 70 inches



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