Wiring of Lionel Trainmaster Type KW Transformer 115V 60 cycles, 190w to track

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Wiring of Lionel Trainmaster Type KW Transformer 115V 60 cycles, 190w to track

  • Hi, Looking for some help. I have just rescued an old set of O gage trains from my parents attic. (it was the old Christmas tree set) I do not rember how to wire this transformer to the track. I have a 3 rail track. I believe this set still works and I would like to get it aroung the tree for my kids. I have not yet found this info on the web and was hoping I could find the help I need here. Thanks in advance for any help provided. Ken Maynard

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  • I think you want to be in the Classic Toy Trains forum. There's been many a train set resurrected there!


  • The KW transformer has four sets of terminals. one above the other is a set. each is controlled by its one lever.

    Check this out with a 24v light bulb.

    wiring is to outside rails and middle. The outside rails are common.

    if your whisle and bell control does not work as listed reverse the wires.

    The engine will run eather way with no problem.

    The engine could be touchy or finiky.

    Some time when you move back to "0" to reverse. the engine does not. sometimes you have to tap the tender or engin to release the reversing unit.

    With the KW you can run four different independent tracks.

    When you get experiance you can make different blocks and run different speeds. but you have to be very alert.

  • Ken - did you ever figure this out?  I have the same exact question - I have that transformer, along with the CTC clip that affixes the 3 rails.  I can't get mine to work.  I've used simple copper wire to connect the clip with the transformer.