CNR Predecessor Passenger Equipment

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CNR Predecessor Passenger Equipment
Posted by Miningman on Saturday, March 2, 2019 10:33 PM
Many of these inherited cars with the formation of Canadian National lasted a very long time, some right to the end of passenger service or assigned to MofW service. It's quite remarkable how beautiful and functional these cars are. 
Do you not imagine an overnight in any accommodation in a heavy weight sleeper back in the day? I can smell the plush, feel the crisp sheets, rocking to sleep with a whistle blowing ahead. The only way to travel!  
I recall seeing them here and there on various trains, especially on the CNR through Burlington, some marked Grand Trunk Western. To a kid these were mysterious, elegant, warm and inviting and very serious looking.  Slept on many trains but never in a heavy weight ..  just missed out. Many ended up in MofW service, parked along the long sidings in Burlington off the Halton Sub. They were stored here for long periods at times. I knew they had a storied past and would imagine what places, people and adventures they had seen. 

Constituent roads: 

Intercolonial, Canadian Government, Canadian Northern, Grand Trunk Pacific 

4205 (ex ICR 165 first class coach) Bathurst Street yard. Front Street West in background.

Business Car 28 (ex ICR 497 Montreal) Built 8/1898 

Sydney (ex ICR Sydney) 10 Section - I Drawing Room Sleeper. Steel Sheathed. Pullman 9/1904 

Louisburg (ex CGR Louisburg) 10 Section - 2 Drawing Room sleeper. Pullma 1918. 

Midland (ex CNoR 9656 Oshawa) 12 Section - 1 Drawing Room sleeper. CC&F 1914 

Liscomb (ex GTP 3901) Diner


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