Street Car, Street traffic, Steam and Subway cars in one scene

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Street Car, Street traffic, Steam and Subway cars in one scene
Posted by Miningman on Saturday, December 8, 2018 1:02 PM

CNR 7446 0-6-0 eastbound over Yonge Street with a cut of empty flat cars out of TTC Davisville. 
. Note the stone work between TTC rails. Easier to pull up for repairs than digging up asphalt. 
Also, discourages drivers account rough ride. The Chevy driver doesn't care! Maybe it isn't the driver's car. 
GMC pickup at left and TTC 2930 Peter Witt "train" approaching from the south. Merton Street at left. 
TTC new subway cars at right opening of the Yonge Subway is just weeks away. (March 30, 1954) 
February 8/1954 Robert J. Sandusky 

How do get new subway cars to their new home.........well steam of course!

CNR 7471 running Extra with new subway cars switching at Yonge Street. Hand signals worked fine in those days! 
March 5, 1954 Robert J. Sandusky

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Posted by Firelock76 on Sunday, December 9, 2018 10:44 AM

Gee, vintage street traffic, steam, streetcar and subway all in one picture!

I couldn't have worked out better than if Dave Klepper planned it for us!

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Posted by Miningman on Sunday, December 9, 2018 11:53 AM

Those are the original Red Rocket subway cars. They were a fun ride, not terribly smooth, not like today, and you sure knew when the doors opened and closed, slam, bang. Conductors used a whistle to warm of closing doors. 

Yeah, Dave would approve of that old Peter Witt. I luv that 0-6-0. 

I do remember my dad driving us along those brick between the rail roads, bumpy beyond bumpy. 

The Davisville station is still there, now serving million dollar condos in the area, which is now all very upscale and 'arty'. There are no streetcars on Young St. any longer although the TTC runs a vast network of Streetcar lines. 

I just luv this photo. It's not an outstanding photo or a work of art by any means but it is truly amazing that it captures all of this and in the right moment of time. Something I witnessed many times, at least in parts as a kid.

It's a masterpiece to me, deserves a painting in colour. 

Maybe one of those 'What's in a Picture' features in Classic Trains.

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Posted by Firelock76 on Sunday, December 9, 2018 2:02 PM

I can understand the bumpy ride.  There's some streets in downtown Richmond that still are cobblestone paved.  You do NOT want to speed on those sections, trust me!  Even driving on 'em at 25mph is enough to shake your fillings loose!

They are kind of cool in the surviving 19th Century sections though.  Walk down one of those streets and you half expect to see Edgar Allen Poe or General Lee walking in the opposite direction!

"Old times there are not forgotten..."

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Posted by NDG on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 9:49 PM


TTC Red Cars.
The Red Cars were a wonderful car from an earlier era. Opening windows at top. Great seats. Incandescent lighting, ( at least one pair received florescents ).
W windows open the clickety-clack of jointed steel then used entered with the car rocking in time.
Cars short, so lights and traction would cut out thru crossovers, w third rail arcs, controller stepping up under car once current restored.
Motorman was on the left.
Trains were operated in different lengths depending on time of day, cars added/removed at Davisville en route. At the edge of the tunnel were small sheet metal squares w numbers showing Motorman where to stop depending on his train length.
If I had time, I would wait for a Red Train.
Note Yard Engine carrying white flags.
One of the antique street lights to right.
A later series was built at Montreal Locomotive Works.
Steel now lifted on CN Belt Line.
Location on Google. 

Thank You.

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Posted by Miningman on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 10:58 PM

Thanks for that NDG. 

It was always fun to get the red cars. Lights flickering here and there, going all dark while underground was the best!, especially when just entering. How about the compressor? kicking in with its thumping sound while stopped at a station adding to all the drama .. you would think to yourself " now what the heck is going on?" .. and yes of course the windows. The single seats were always desirable. All of it quite unimaginable today. Glad they lasted, at least once in a while, especially during 'off' hours so that even my own kids could get a ride when they were old enough to enjoy it all. Never knew when they would show up in their later years and it was real exciting when they did. Then one day, after a long while of not seeing them, it slowly dawned on me that I would not be riding them again. 


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