Old Steam Engines in a nearby park??

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Old Steam Engines in a nearby park??
Posted by 3rd rail on Friday, August 31, 2018 1:15 AM

we've all seen them, an old neglected rust bucket sitting in the city park... In Battle Creek, we had the GTW 6325 that sat there for years. Jerry Jacobson bought it and restored it, and ran it.  Now, Jerry has passed away, He had a big stable of steamers, but the future of them are in question. These days the insurance for ANY excursions, let alone steam, is prohibitive. So, how to keep steam alive?  First of all, we need to confront the insurance companies, and say 

"Enough is enough"!  Modern day steam excursions are probably the safest, most supervised, operations on the rails today.  It's not the fare-paying passengers that are the problem. It's the idiots that want to set up a camera between the rails for that "Once in a lifetime" shot. Well, guess what, EVERYBODY IS DOING THE SAME SHOT!  Don't ruin it for everyone else!  You are the reason that insurance is so high for these excursions. Why do you think there have not been any Class One RR's hosting steam anymore?  Too much liability. Hey, a few lawyers trumps a tender full of coal. You get some Moron that stubs his toe on a rail,then he calls a lawyer.... It's just not worth it..  Kudos to Union Pacific, They are putting up the good fight. But, they also have an Army of lawyers,which, unfortunatly, is nessessary these days. But, Woe to the small-time steam operator. Watch out, the Ambulance chasers are coming! Yep, it sucks....



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