Blizzard of 1949

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Blizzard of 1949
Posted by BaltACD on Friday, March 02, 2018 10:18 PM

A storm I have never hear of


Never too old to have a happy childhood!

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Posted by Miningman on Saturday, March 03, 2018 12:35 AM

Heck thats my backyard and driveway every day ...For 6 months!

For the 3rd time this winter the 'village' ( official title as opposed to city or town) removed all the mountains of snow at the end of each home's driveway so we can see backing up better and those on the road can see you pulling out. My backyard is a glacier. The snow is at the top of the fence now. Same old every year. Not for the faint hearted. Nice to look at though and I get to work every day. Many of us pool together and we get a loader to remove snow from our driveways, I cannot do it any longer. A great kid does my walk and my roof. 

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Posted by erikem on Saturday, March 03, 2018 1:46 AM

I heard about this storm from my dad. He and two ther people were stuck in a car in SE Wyoming for about two days on their way to Boulder from eastern Montana.

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Posted by timz on Saturday, March 03, 2018 12:51 PM

Trains had a pic (early 1960s?) of an iced-up 4-12-2 at Kimball NE after that storm. Think it had been trying to help a diesel passenger train-- didn't work.

Also a pic of UP F3s on a passenger train detouring on the Moffat.

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Posted by NP Eddie on Wednesday, March 14, 2018 9:37 PM

"The Burlington in Transition" (Corbin and Hardy), 1967, has an entire chapter regarding "The Blizzard of '49" complete with many photographs of locomotives buried in the snow and rotary operations.

Ed Burns


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