D&RGW Narrow Gauge Photographs by Ron Zeil

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D&RGW Narrow Gauge Photographs by Ron Zeil
Posted by daveklepper on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 7:17 AM

I have a collection of these bought from Ron directly in 1962.  They are baautiful B&W photos, mosly featuring locomotives, and the trains are passenger excursion, not freight, but again mostly locomotives.  After all this time, are they now public property so I can share them by posting on this thread?  He said at the time that they were being sold as prints/enlargements without book publication.  I do not wish to violate copyright or deprive someone of income, but otherwise I would be happy to share them, either here or at the Trains Steam and Preservation Forum.  Look forward to a reply from someone who understand the situation better than I do.

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Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 12:27 PM

Being no Legal Eagle I for one can't answer your question Dave.  I would imigine the Classic Trains staff are the guys to ask.  Would love to see Ron's photos and perhaps CT will consider doing a Colorado narrow gauge 100 page special for them as well as other great NG pix from the Dick Steinheimer collecion and other photographers of the era.

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Posted by Firelock76 on Tuesday, October 31, 2017 5:29 PM

David, I'd e-mail Robert McGonigal, "Classic Trains" editor at


and see what he has to say.  I've e-mailed him in the past and he was very gracious and responded every time.  I'm sure he'd love to see those shots as well.

I'd assume if you bought those photographs they're yours to do with as you like, but I could be assuming way too much.  It depends on whether Ron's estate has renewed the copyrights on the photographs or has let them expire. 

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Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, November 01, 2017 5:07 AM

I've noted photos in books and periodicals with the name of the photographer using "from the collection of" and the person's name who owned the photo at the time it was reproduced included on the credit.  Legally, I don't know how the copyright laws read to this effect.


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