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  • This post is about the C&NW's twelve "Northern" series Pullman built sleeping cars.

    Wayner's "Car Names, Numbers, and Consists" states that those cars were built for the "Northwestern Limited" and the "Duluth-Superior Limited".  

    I started chasing passenger trains in the Twin Cities about 1958 and the overnight "Northwestern Limited" was gone, with the "Twin Cities 400" the only CNW train out of Minneapolis.

    When did the last CNW sleeping car service end and what was the disposition of those cars?  I assume that the CNW released them from the Pullman pool.

    Thank you,

    Ed Burns

    Retired NP-BN-BNSF clerk form Minneapolis

    Cell is 763-234-9306 and an ATCS host in Anoka, MN.

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  • Mexico - 1964 via Edwards International.   Plan 4146  Lot 6774

    but I only show this many cars:

    Northern Streams; Lago Superior (9/11/64)
    Northern Vacations; Lago Baikal (11/16/64)
    Northern Forests; Lago Aral (9/12/64)
    Northern Dairyland; Lago De Los Osos (12/18/64)
    Northern Trails; Lago Victoria (9/11/64)
    Northern Progress; Lago Erie (9/11/64)
    Northern Summer; Lago Huron (9/12/64)
    Northern Star; Lago Ladoga (11/18/64)
    AB Dean Jacksonville,FL
  • The missing cars are as follows:

    Northern Pines became NdeM Lago Winnipeg

    Northern States became NdeM Lago Michigan

    Northern Wild Life became NdeM Lago Ontario

    Northern Wonderland became NdeM Lago Tanganyka

    Hope this helps complete your records

    Al - in - Stockton