British 4-6-0 LM&S in January TRAINS

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British 4-6-0 LM&S in January TRAINS

  • Is this the type commonly called a "Stainier Black 5?"

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  • Don't have the issue, but here's a link to info on a "Black Five"....

    BTW in the UK they don't use the ampersand, so London Midland & Scottish Ry. was the "LMS", sometimes referred to as the " 'ell of a mess".


  • Same locomotive.   Also, with minor detail differences, built for Palestine Railways and used up to 1957.

  • Yes,it was a Black 5. The Black 5's were the GP9's of the LMS.They were seen system wide and many worked well into thew 1960's.They worked both passenger and freights They worked from London and Bristol in the south to Wick Scotland

  • After nationalization, I believe they were used throughout the network, not just on LMS lines, and as noted some were built for BR.

  • After nationalization British Railways was divided into regions.The LMS trackage became part of the London Midland,Western and Scottish Regions.The LMS mainline from Birmingham to Bristol became part of the Western Region even though virtually all of its trains were worked by ex-LMS locomotives including Black 5's.These regions were political creations.The Scottish Region was all ex-LMS and LNER lines in Scotland.LMS locomotives worked the former LMS lines in Scotland.This only began to change when BR Standard locomotives began to appear in the early 1950's and diesels began replacing steam.