THUR 11-29-2012 Photo of the Day

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THUR 11-29-2012 Photo of the Day

  • Is mis-captioned!  

    Flying Ebony (SLSF 2012) has arrived with Frisco #106, the Kansas City - Florida Special.   The photo is looking north; the locomotive is facing east and departing Frisco trains were westbounds.   The UP power in the background is off the eastbound City of St Louis having been exchanged for WABASH locomotives .    But I cannot make the two jive unless the KCFLSpecial was running real late.

    Anyone have any other idea?

    AB Dean Jacksonville,FL
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  • Buck, my June '54 OG shows the KC-FLA Spcl arriving at 7:30 am and the eastbound City of StL departing  at 7:30 am which would put the two trains in KC at the same time.

    A while back a Photo of the Day purported to show  "Monon train No. 6, the Chicago - Louisville Tippecanoe stopped at Crawfordsville, IN."  Wrong - The Tippecanoe was Monon No's 11 & 12 which ran on the Chicago - Indianapolis line and didn't go through Crawfordsville. The train in the photo was actually the Thoroughbred.


  • I drop McGonigal a line every time they do this.    I'm sure he just LOVES to hear from me.    "Robert, you can believe that DPM wouldn't have made this mistake".  



    AB Dean Jacksonville,FL