Erie at Dearborn Station

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Erie at Dearborn Station

  • I know that the Erie RR ran E8's in and out of Dearborn Station in Chicago.

    But did the Erie run F3's and/or F7's in and out of Dearborn?  If so, can you tell me which was more prevalent?



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  • I don't think any F7's were passenger geared.   They had 3 sets of A-B-A F3's, but most photos I see at Dearborn are E8's and PA's.

    AB Dean Jacksonville,FL
  • If you're asking if F3s ran to Chicago after they got E8s, no idea. But presumably F3s were common at Dearborn circa 1949?

  • timz

    But presumably F3s were common at Dearborn circa 1949?

    Yes, F3s were very common at Dearborn in the 1950s.  All of Monon's cab units were F3s.


  • Fred Westing and Al Staufer, writing in Erie Power, report that Erie bought seven sets of F-3s, road numbers 800 - 806. They were assigned in 1947 to passenger service , Jersey City to Chicago. So, indeed the F-3 were seen at Dearborn. But there was a problem. According to Westing and Staufer, "steam generating abilities and fuel capacity were woefully insufficient. In cold weather a 2900 Pacific would cut into the train for steam heat."

    I assume from that, that the F-3s were reassigned  from passenger service  to freight as soon as the Alco PAs hit the property in April 1949. The E-8s came along in early 1951 and became Erie's preferred passenger power.

  • Thanks for all of that additional information guys.

    It sounds like the Erie F3s got replaced by PAs and then by E8s.

    I am planning to model the Erie at Dearborn Station, and I have an F3A/B consist so I feel good that I can go with that combination.