All the Brooklyn PCC photos you could possibly want

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Posted by daveklepper on Monday, November 29, 2021 11:19 AM

Photos sent by Russ Jackson, all his except one:   Two at Flatbush and Church Avenues, PCCs on the Church Avenue Line.  "Four PCCs on Chuch passed while I was there and not one Flatbush Avenue bus!  (Flatbush Avenue was the heaviest Brooklyn stretcar line with "Always a car in sight.")  Then south of Church on Macdonald,  with the PCCs preceded by a snow sweeper two photos).  Next an exception, a photo by Bill Madden, a PCC adjent the ramp connecting the subway at Church Avenue with the elevated at Ditmas Avenue.  Then a  PCC on the short-turn loop at Ditmas, then at Avenue I with a South Brooklyn freight train.  Other pictures of SB freights with PCCs are on the South Brooklyn thread on the Trains "General" Forum.


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Posted by daveklepper on Friday, January 21, 2022 7:47 AM

Some recently scanned  pjotos of 1936 one-of-a-kind aluminum Clark Equipment Co.-built 1000 on a fan-trip.


Two pictures, above, are on Georgia Ave at Liberty Ave, looking north.  The el structure just visible in the distance is the Broadway-Jamaica line. 

From Henry Raudenbush:  The above picture is on Liberty Ave at Junius St, in East NY, looking east.   The near el structure, on Van Sinderen St,  carried outbound trains of the Fulton Street and Canarsie lines, on 3 tracks.  The far el structure, on Snediker St, with 2 tracks that carried inbound trains of both lines.  Fulton St line operation through here was abandoned after the IND took over the outer end of the line (beyond Grant Avenue on liberty avenue), and much later, the tracks were rearranged so that Canarsie trains in both directions now use the near structure, and the other one has been torn down.  The hump in Liberty Ave crosses over the LIRR Bay Bridge Branch (used by the NY & Atlantic). 

These pictures show a fantrip move from the East NY Depot area, south on Georgia to Liberty, and then west on Liberty. 




Below, I believe Flushing Avenue in the Williamsburge-Ridgewood area of Brooklyn:


Coney bIsland Terminal.   Again from Henry: The other picture, with the curved surface tracks, is at the west end of the West 5th St terminal in Coney Island.  The el structure in the background is the junction of the Brighton and Culver lines just east of West 8th st station.     

DLK addition; The top level was used only by Brighton traiins, and the lower level by both Brighton and Culver trains.  Today, the lower-level connection to the Brighton no longer exists as track, only as structure, and the lower level is only for the "F," which uses the Culver Line structure on McDonald     Brighton trains are the "Q." and possibly an occasional "B" that runs pst its normal Brighton Beach end-point.



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Posted by daveklepper on Monday, January 24, 2022 7:05 AM

The photos on the previous post are now repaired.  Now i will add:

A rear view of 1000, location to be determined.

the Ocean Parkway underpass on the Church Avenue Line, as seed throuigh 1000's windshield.

a record of 1000 visiting the Essex & Delancy St. underground Williamsburg Bridge Terminal.




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