Contractors Want An Additional $1B - Admit California Line Will Not Open in 2030

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Posted by MidlandMike on Thursday, August 11, 2022 9:02 PM

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Were the Egyptian pyramids completed 'On Time and Under Budget'?




Good analogy: Both pyramid and HSR were envisioned by political demagogues, built as a tribute to themselves, and serve no useful purpose....


Egyptian pyramid building was refined over decades, and its simple shape belies its complex internal structure.  As well at teaching the ancients how to build massive structures, and organize complex projects, it is said that these projects help unify the kindom.  All civilizations build monuments, but how many are still standing after 4500 years, and draw visitors from all over the world, supporting a tourist industry almost as old.

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Posted by BEAUSABRE on Friday, August 12, 2022 5:56 PM

charlie hebdo
This is supposed to be a forum about passenger trains, which include HSR. But every time there is a post about HSR, we get a chorus of right wing political posts condemning modern trains. We all get it,. You hate the government, hate HSR. Post if you have a constructive comment.

  Well, excuse me, but they ARE constructive comments. 

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