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Posted by e44 on Monday, July 9, 2007 6:40 PM

I can not believe that just because the 40-2's are tired that this is the justification that GE is the best out there, do you forget the chugging desisel that GE is famous for, how about the smooth whine that only EMD blowers put out as they spin up, Emd is the leader, and GE still is tring to hide the fact that a AC 43/90 means that we still have not come up with an engine that works or more to the point, has found a need for, just think, at some point they all break, is it more effective to loose a 40-2 out of a string of say 3 or 4, or would I feel better pulling 100 plus cars with my shiny new 43/90 that just took a break, Ho well I will see the EMD's gut it out right by me with out stopping while I take a nice long walk up the side of this 10 mile grade.

 Truth is there is a real limit to how much power packed in side one of these cans that can be used in an efficant manner over the railroad and its life spane.

A good case is having a 500 plus horse pony car for the daily commuite means I get to lug the engine and build carbon up in all the wrong places, and drag around about 300 horse I don't need on a highway that is only going to let me travel about 60mph on a good day, and Ho yes the long periods of idling waiting for the next call does wonders for it, belching up black ash and stuff as I just power up to say notch 3 to get me unstuck from the depressions I have left in the rail under my own weight, so you see, more and bigger do not always suit the need.

 EMD has been the best before and she will be there again when the chugging noise and hipe settel!



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