Hornby Train AC adapters

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Hornby Train AC adapters

  • I am in possession of 4 Hornby controllers that require 220 volt input with 19 volt 0.5A output.  I need to convert this to 110 volt input  and 19 volt 0.5A output. Any suggestions as to where I might find such an adapter ??  Or, do I need just a 110 volt input with 19 volt output and a different amperage rating??

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  • Thanks for your answer Rich, should have gotten back to you sooner. 

    Have decided to try your advice and just cut the current 220v power pack off the controller and hopefully add new power packs onto the controllers.(rheostats) .  NOW, my question is, what is a "normal" operating voltage/amperage for most DC tracks and DC and DCC track accessories ? 

    I have a Bachman starter set (DCC) that included an "E-Z Command controller" but need a controller for DC also. Plan to run both DC and DCC tracks/trains on same layout and would like to use the Hornby controllers for the DC side.

    Thanks Again---

  • Welcome. There is an Electronics forum here also. These forums don't get many watchers.

    I just Googled 19 vdc wall adapter. Amazon sells some that are also used for laptops. Large ones and a few are smaller wall adapters. They might be more than the current you require but that will not be an issue. Your power pack will only draw the current it requires. Just cut the connector off.

    Newegg sels them also.


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