Ongoing "Trial Period"?

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Ongoing "Trial Period"?

  • Thanks for such a great resource, however, I do have a question concerning a "trial period":  In the FAQ's it states:

    •         Not all communities use trial periods.  A trial period is used to determine that an individual creating a new account is a legitimate account creator.  After your account is created, a determined number of posts (usually only the first) must first be approved by a site moderator before it appears open to the public.  Once a moderator has determined your account is legitimate, the trial period will be over and your account will be moved into regular status.

    I have made two post that have been approved and published, but after making a third one while ago, it still says the post is awaiting approval by a moderator....  why is that?     Does the moderator still have doubts as to my legitamacy, or what must I do to be able to post like everyone else?



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  • We gotta have something to do...LOL!


  • blownout cylinder

    It is usually around 5 posts before one is seen as legitimate...

    On the other hand, after 6,600 posts or so, the moderators began to see you as illegitimate and constantly threaten to put you back on moderation.   LaughLaughLaugh

    So, enjoy it while you can.


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  • Thanks!

  • You have just been taken off moderation.

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  • I have personally made 9 posts as of right now. (This post will be #10)

    However I still get the message that my posts need to be approved as well. 

    It's sort of annoying since sometimes when you post it can take hours for the approval. Then your message gets buried in the mass of other posts since the time stamp is from the time of post and not time of approval.

    Oh well, here's to hoping I'll be approved soon  Smile

  • It is usually around 5 posts before one is seen as legitimate...if that is the term used. I know on at least 4 other forums I'm on that that is the case anyway. 

    There were some issues a few years ago with a certain few that took advantage and started doing stuff right off the bat..things like spammers and their ilk.

    Just keep posting...

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