Technical Issues After August 13, 2012 Maintenance

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Technical Issues After August 13, 2012 Maintenance

  • Please post any support issues to our recent community maintenance here.  We will do our best to remedy any issues that you may encounter in a timely manner and answer any questions you may have.

    For additional help, please reference our help page.

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  • I've always been able to edit my posts. But today I replied to a thread and noticed a formatting error afterwards that the software had introduced that made a paragraph disappear along with a typo that I wanted to correct, but no edit option. Instead my options are different compared to my earlier posts that I can still edit.

    What's up with that?

  • Installing brake wheels!  I've never, do I need an expensive press or what?  Attempting to reclaim a 6417 caboose.  Trying to look ahead.  I am a it picky as to quality, yet doing it myself is rewarding.  Any assistance is appreciated.  Rodwal.

  • The avatar upload software is now malfunctioning. It would be great if I could upload a new Avatar. Everybody has to upload an Avatar. What happened?

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  • Welcome

    On the right at the top of this thread you will see a button that says "New Post".


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  • I am WabashCB, just registered, how do I post a question in the Toy Trains Forum? Don't see anything related to create new thread, or anything.

  • About 50% of the time when I move to the recent discussions page it shows "Recent Discussions" at the top of an otherwise empty page.  I have listed the website in my compatibility mode list, and I have also tried it with Google Chrome on the same computer.

    Why do you feel the need to just change the website, and once changed why do you launch it before it is completely debugged?


    Lackawanna Route of the Phoebe Snow


  • Does any body know what weedkiller is safe with Aristo's plastic ties?

  • Please be aware that the forum thread "background flats" contains several images that are used without permission of the copyright holder Clever models llc.

    A user "tomcat13" has taken credit for creating these images without acknowledging the original source or getting promision from the original photographers Clever models llc

    We request that these images be removed and the user "tomcat13" barred.

    Additionally we would like any data on the number of downloads of said material to be used in any possible legal action.

    Clever models llc

  • New problem:

    In the Trains forum, the "Trackside Lounge" has a jumbled mess of its most recent posts.  It seems to be the only thread affected this way, and it isn't just I that is noticing it.  Can it be fixed?



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  • Would like to paste a screenshot on to a post.  Suggestions?



  • .....Tried to  change my Avatar photo....All I'm getting is an "error" message...

    Any answers....?


  • my forum entries are all gone; something about a filter.  what happened?