Technical Issues After August 13, 2012 Maintenance

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Technical Issues After August 13, 2012 Maintenance

  • dakotafred


    Aughhhh … eyes…MY EYES….!

    Looks like change for the sake of change to me. We'll see how easy it is to post this. (I used the post above test the quote function.)

    As asked by a previous poster, no 'edit' function?

  • One thing we have to remember, this forum is FREE.

    I have never clicked on, Email me replies. Even with this new format.


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  • Well, it sure seems easier for those of us who's eyes aren't what they used to be, or never what the SHOULD have been in my case.

    At any rate, remember the wise words of the Duke of Cambridge, Commanding General of the British Army in the later years of Queen Victorias reign:

    "There is a time for everything, there is even a time for change.  And that is when change can no longer be avoided!"

  • sheeple?  Please....

    The new forum is a lot better to read on my phone.  The old format was horrible in that respect.  

    Not crazy about all this white though.  Nor the smaller avatars.


    My first impression was that the page template is so ............. 1999. It formats the columns very narrowly to a fixed width and doesn't take advantage of a modern 1280 pixels wide LCD. It would look great on my old CRT monitor though.

    Still dog slow in the middle of the day. Oh well, I guess that beggars can't be choosers.

    A little too much white space. Note the top and bottom margins of your post over the signature.

    Oh wait, this probably is to accomodate the iSheeple who Must Consume All Content on their mobile devices.

    Baaaaa.  Baaaaa.


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  • UGH  Sigh


  • For some reason I cannot double space to indicate a paragraph break, set off an addressee's name , etc. Please help me restore the ability fo do so.


  • can someone advise how to tag a thread as a "favorite"?  I can't find the right thingy.


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  • Thank you.  The other forum was way to easy to use.  I much prefer the challenge of finding all the creative new places you have hidden everything.


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  • Yep, you get what your given!  BTW, I'm a techie but cause I have to pay the bills and their ain't much for geologists in the past couple years.

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  • As my wife aptly pointed out, more people can now check these forums while driving their cars!  Crack on!

    I was hit last year by a guy who likely had his head down to his smart phone while on I66 east bound toward DC one morning - rear ended me.  Well, I know MR isn't responsible for that but as we become more mobile, people are tempted to use those devices in their cars.  *sigh*

    Rio Grande.  The Action Road  - Focus 1977-1983

  • Reminds me of the "AOL Look" back in the 90's.

    Hated it then,  hate it now.

    "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."-Albert Einstein

  • All I have to say is... YUCK!

    At lease it's IE9 compatible without compatibility mode, but ewww. giant text and icons, all facebook style, less content per page, more scrolling.  


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  • Mobile phone friendly....finally!!!!
  • riogrande5761

    I was hit last year by a guy who likely had his head down to his smart phone while on I66 east bound toward DC one morning - rear ended me.


    Are you sure it wasn't DCC? Clown


    Time...It marches on...without ever turning around to see if anyone is even keeping in step.

  • Test. Posting from my Schmarty-phone

       Have fun with your trains