Rochelle webcam

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Rochelle webcam

  •  I'm having a problem with the Rochelle webcam. It used to work just fine, now I get a text message in the picture window that says "Initialising SiteCamLive..." and this just stays there. After 8 to 10 minutes it will show the picture. This is on my desktop PC. It works fine on my laptop.

    I'm using Firefox 3.0.5 but I get the same results with IE and Google Chrome. I've tried turning off the firewall, and I've re-istalled Java (Its Version 6 Update 11).

    I Googled ""Initialising SiteCamLive..." and found earlier references to this problem in this forum and two others but none had a solution shown. Does anyone have a solution?

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  • Thanks Erik. I had previously thought that my security software was not the problem as eventually the picture would appear. Turning off the firewall made no difference. After reading your reply I decided to check my AV software (Bit Defender AV 2009). I have the real time shield set to their default setting with only outward mail scan turned off. When I re-set it to "Permissive" the webcam came up instantly. I then went through changing each setting in the Permissive definition one by one to match the Default definition and discovered that the setting that was causing the problem was "Scan Yahoo Messenger traffic". I don't use Yahoo Messenger anyway so I went back to the default setting and turned this option off and the webcam works again. There are two options that come up in the messenger section (Scan files sent/received over IM) one being for Yahoo Messenger and the other for Windows Messenger. Only the Yahoo selection causes the problem. I don't understand how the Yahoo Messenger scan could affect the Rochelle webcam but its working again.


  •  Hello,

    I just tried the Rochelle Web cam and saw a westbound BNSF train go by, so I know it's working at this very moment.

    What type of Internet connection to you have? 

    Is there a chance that security software on your end might be blocking the feed?

    Have you read the Rochelle Web cam FAQ page for other suggestions?


    Erik Bergstrom