Your frustration is understandable.

1.  What is this person's feedback record?  In my experience I've found it best to stick with the 100% positive ratings.   A person with even a 95% feedback rating that has sold 1,500 items or more can mean that he still may have a number of dissatisfied buyers.  Check the record.  Sellers with a significant number of negative feedback should raise a red flag.

2.  Sometimes sellers have circumstances pop up on them. 

Case in point:  I won a locomotive shell on ebay back in the winter.  After 2 weeks I e-mailed the seller.  He responded several days later apologizing.  A severe winter wind storm toppled a tree into his house a week earlier but repairs finally started and he was playing catch up with ebay shipments.

3. Since he hasn't responded you're taking the proper steps.  Hopefully if this person has a good record he will respond, apologize and send you the the steamer.

We have to remember though that ebay is the world's largest flea market.  The Caveat Emptor rule especially applies:  Let the buyer beware.