Ebay Seller Ruining My Son's dream train

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Ebay Seller Ruining My Son's dream train

  • I need to vent, we have been searching for a Chattanooga steam engine for months now and finally found one on Ebay...made purchase and have been waiting for it for 2+ weeks...my son fell in love with this train and talks about it all the time, when is it coming, where is it dad? Every night he tells me he is going to dream about the Chattanooga pulling a box car with a red caboose (he's 4)...Why won't the man mail it to me dad? His birthday is in 2 weeks and he had saved up a portion of the money for this item. Well, this (insert bad name here) won't respond to my (5) emails inquiring about the train, where it is or why he is avoiding us...and he is 10-20 auctions selling train related items all the time.  I am filing a claim against him tongiht for my money... fwiw, I loved this hobby as a kid, my son loves it, we have a future model railroader in the making...but someone like this comes along and really puts a dark shadow on the day for my family. It's a sad day when you take advantage of a kid and spoil his dream.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Buyer beware.

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  • Chattanooga steam engine huh, i'm from Holland myself so I can speak/read Dutch. I thought I seen one on a Dutch website (something like e-bay, but 100% Dutch). Ill take a look for you, how much is your limit on the prize? Then I could perhaps (if I find it again) talk to the seller and talk to him about it. Who knows... might work. Do remember the seller is from Holland, thats Europe. So sending it to you costs upto 2 weeks tops.

  • o wowShock [:O]
    What do you call a freight train full of bubble gum? A chew chew train! :] T.R. quote: "A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad." visit: http://s149.photobucket.com/albums/s74/bighead98565/
  • S&G I appreciate the offer on sending me one!

    Yeah, I left "positive feedback"...lol...sure... product rec'd. That's about as positive as I could get.

    I hear ya on the evil thing...was going to bid on a Lionel  set, used (never used), was watching the price skyrocket over the course of 2.5 minutes! Seems like there was something called "Shill Bidding" happening..the seller had someone running the price up and not being too subtle either! lol. Ebay caught wind of it and knocked the bidding back down to where it should have been.  I never realized how many crooks there are out there!


  • I'm glad that you got your loco, for a while there I was thinking of sending my one just so that your son wasn't dissapointed. Unfortanatly it isnt running but it would be better than nothing. Some sellers have a tendency to hold off on sending the product if they don't get the price they want.


    Remember the "E" in ebay stands for evil!My 2 cents [2c]

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  • Wal!

    Glad that worked out well!

  •  Mowack wrote:



    We received our train on Saturday in perfect condition. Seller said his son messed up the mailing and apologized repeatedly for it. We ran the train on Saturday it I am very happy with it.


    Thanks to all for listening. 

    Congrats to you, glad to know that it was resolved on a good note!Big Smile [:D]Thumbs Up [tup]

    BTW: Are you leaving him "Positive Feedback" ?

    "I like my Pullman Standards & Budds in Stainless Steel flavors, thank you!"


  • Well Im glad you got the train, and Happy Model Railroading
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  • **UPDATE**


    We received our train on Saturday in perfect condition. Seller said his son messed up the mailing and apologized repeatedly for it. We ran the train on Saturday it I am very happy with it.


    Thanks to all for listening. 

  • Oh NO, another ebay post!!! Wink [;)]

    Hope everything works out. Can you PM to let me know who the seller is, so I can avoid him?

  • I agree, we hit several shows this winter in MA and CT and we made out with some amazing deals...problem was whenever we located a Chattanooga, the pricing was outrageous considering the conditions. This particular engine on EBAY was a great deal and we worked out a BIN deal so it never went to bid (we have let 5+ steamers go 'cause the bidding was out of hand).

     on a side note...just dealt with Walthers on a loco that was acting up on us...2 mos old, barely able to pull a box car or two anymore...rep at Walthers sending us replacement loco free of charge, no questions asked....so there is a bright side today!



  • I agree with what is being said, and what you are doing about it.Ebay "WAS" a great place to buy things,but its now become a bad site that has people bidding on items and paying an outragious price for them.Advice..shop and look around for what you want on EBAY...dont always go for the first offer.I sincerely hope you do get the train set.My best suggestion would be to try a local train show,you will get a better deal at them than on Ebay.Case in point,I spent $500 at the Madison ,Wi train show,came home with alot of out of print/rare books,old Varney and Athearn freight cars,along with 2 out of print books......Cotton Belt Locomotives and NYC locomotives .Both for 26.00 total!!!!!!!!!!,and both in excellent condition.All of these items I had on my "watch list" on Ebay,and here I found them all at the train show,for ALOT less than I would have paid for on Ebay.One note,if you should not get the Chattanooga train,contact me offline at my email, as I know of some vendors here in WI that have what you want.
  • *Update*

     the seller finally contacted me today...must have felt guilty...gave me a bunch of different reasons why I don't have the train yet..not sure I believe any of them tbh! Caught him in a lie about the shipping portion UGH!

    he has 1200+ transactions and 5 that say same thing like this has happened to them. 

    so... long story short is I still don't have the train in my hand. We'll see what today's mail brings.

    Thanks again to all for listening and the advice, we appreciate it! 

  • I used to frequent ebay for all collectible hunting. But I was burned twice as a buyer , and three times as a seller. I haven't been back there since. That was about 3 years ago.

    If you patiently wait and give someone the benifit of the doubt, and then are forced to complain to ebay, they say you should have notified them sooner, so it's out of their hands.


  • I hope you recive the train, email the vender and if you get no response email ebay.
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