My first BIG purchase!!!

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My first BIG purchase!!!

  •     Yesterday I made my first BIG purchase at my local hobby store. I bought 1 athearn Genisis SD70MAC and 1 athearn Mopac bay window caboose and my total was $118.24.

    the loco is fabulous. heres the link to the one i bought.



    P.S. it was a lower price at my hobby store because there a great source for trains, airplanes and cars, its all evened out...

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  • Congrats on your purchase, beautiful loco.
    "It's a great day to be alive" "Of all the words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, It might have been......"
  • Nice purchas ethat loco looks cool.
  •  Made me feel good to see how happy you are . Welcome to the club ! I held one like that in O scale tonight ..... great diesel ! You just joined the club of millions all over the world . Royalty ... country leaders and yes even movie stars ! And of course we regular people --- men and women. Welcome Aboard !!!! 
  • well i traded it back for a BN executive scheme SD70MAC and its even better!
  • Hi!

    Whoa, that's totally awsome man!Cool [8D]  love 'em Athearns!

    Your welcome,

    CPR GP38-2 fan

  •  sfrr wrote:
    well i traded it back for a BN executive scheme SD70MAC and its even better!
    I also have a BN SD70MAC, but it fell of my layout and is pretty banged up! It just about killed me when that happened, but i got a BLI sound eqquipped SD40-2 in BN paint to replace it until i can get it fixed up.
    Long Live The Burlington Northern!
  • I'm going again today, can't wait to see what I can get with $107 and a 20% off coupon



  •  sfrr wrote:




    Is thta the new pre-weathered genesis boxcar,looks nice. Also thats a nice looking SD40.
    Long Live The Burlington Northern!
  • I usually don't spend much on model trains. With the money I make from work any dime I have to spare goes into going out and seeing the real trains. The only money I spend on model trains comes from spare change I save througout the month. At the end of the month I can roll what I have saved up and use that at the hobby shop.

  • Hmmmmm, it's just the opposite for me: I spend my money on models, while I use the left over for like model trains shows and real trains fests.

  • Have you ridden a real train yet?  If not, I recommend it.  There are also some great railroad museums around.  I cannot recommend one because I don't know what section of the country you reside in.  But just search the web.


    Lackawanna Route of the Phoebe Snow

  • /clap

    wait until you get your first BLI sound then you wount be able to stop,

    IT WILL CONSUME YOUR SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Laugh [(-D] Laugh [(-D]


    LETS GO TIGERS! (clap, clap, clap clap clap )
  • Cool,

    I have made 3 big purchases in the past 3 years. The 1st was a Lionel Polar Express Set, the second, and my biggest, a Postwar 2343 Santa Fe F3 A-A for $300 and another $100 to get it running properly, horn unit replaced, and battery acid damage scraped away and filled in with putty, and the 3rd was a Spectrum "Southern" 2-10-2 with DCC Sound.

    I hope to make my next big purchase a Lionel Pennsy TMCC Mike set and re-paint the engine as Southern Railway Ms class 2-8-2 #4618. Why this number? The answer is simple.

    I bought a copy of Curt Tillotson Jr.'s "Classic Steam Trains of the South" this past August and when choosing a number I flipped through and got the numbers of the Ms Mikes pictured, put them in a hat, and drew one, which turned out to be #4618, from the best Ms class picture in the book (The engine storming up Saluda with a freight and a big Ls2 2-8-8-2 pushing behind)

    I will do the same when I buy Lionel's Southern 2-8-2 #4501 F.A.R.R. Set. 4501 is an Ms Mike, and the Lionel FARR 4501 is more the size of an Ms4 class mike. So I will re-paint that engine and give it a randomly selected number. Oh, I do plan on buying another Southern FARR set to keep as-is. (Its the collector in me).


    Nick! :)