Teens getting made fun of...

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Teens getting made fun of...

  • Reading this post it seems that everybody got teased for "playing with the choo-choo trains" at some time or another.  I wonder why this activity was singled out for contempt?  Nobody ever teased me about my gun collection.  Funny thing that. 

    I know it's hard to ignore your peers, and sometimes shrugging it off doesn't work.  But if you quit doing what you love to do because of what other people think, then you have failed yourself.  Don't be weak minded, be strong and follow your passions.  Wanna hear something freaky?  I ride an English motorcycle and I belong to a Christian motorcycle club!  Christian AND a biker (not on Harley but Triumph)?  Think anybody teases me?  Well they don't and I'll tell you why, it's because I'm "real" about myself.  I have the confidence to be who I am, I don't shy away from it and I don't care if anybody approves or not.  As Popeye would say "I yam what I yam" Wisdom from a cartoon...

    Wanna hear something else that's freaky?  I'm into G scale Garden Railways!  OMG!  I'm playing with trains out in my yard!  Guess what?  I don't care if anybody thinks it's weird, if you want to tease me then go right ahead, it doesn't make me less or more of a person having you approve of my activities.

    The bottom line is that you don't need the approval of obviously small minded people to be who you are.  Enjoy your model railroading; it will be with you long after you have forgotten the names of the kids who teased you.

    The Dixie D Short Line "Lux Lucet In Tenebris Nihil Igitur Mors Est Ad Nos 2001"

  •             AMEN-BROTHER


     AMEN TO THAT,  funny thing when I Was in school 5th   9th  12th,   College, and work at my job at AIG Corporate Insurance on Wall street, I still get a ribbing, but just don't care, for all the Great friends I have met all over the world who share the same love of Many of my hobbies, and yeh, :) the few other people who I would never have thought would have a Love of Trains, are to  5 CEO'S  who I met at a train show a few years back, and was invited up to one of the gentleman's home up in one of his estates, where he has ONE hellava layout he has been working on for a long long time   man, that blew me away.  My point.  You stand your ground, do the best you can in anything you love. and nothing but Good will come from it whih all the Great trimmings . ie: Great Friends>>>>>>AMEN-BROTHERHOOD OF RAILWAY ENGINEERS and Trainmen

  • Yo tangerine-jack:     Hi and I would just like to thank you and Why would you think people would call your Scooter freekey, and strange, ?????

    I just took a look at your webb page WOW she's a looker :) sweet.   Thank You for Sharing your other Love :) 

    LOL  when growing up hear in Queens NY. My Paster drove a Harley-Davidson, and yes He also road with a MC club, I just remember people talking not to good things behind his back, I was way too young at the time to say anything but I do know I did look upto him for nothing would phase him re: his love to ride and even larger  love for who he worked for GOD, AND THE Church  

  • Hey there Thumper! 

    I don't think what I do is wierd, it's all about perception and to a great extent, prejudice.  When you mention certain words, "biker" for example, the immediate image that comes to mind is a knuckle dragging Neanderthal gang member on a stolen Harley guzzling beer and engaging in petty crimes.  Funny thing is that no biker I know fits that description.  In fact, every biker I know is just a regular guy with a job and family.  They just happen to love motorcycles.   I do not ride a Harley, I ride a Triumph, that in itself is out of the norm and unexpected, as well as being a Christian and using the motorcycle club as a way to share my faith.

    Mention that you are a model railroader, or even a GARDEN railroader, and the image that comes to mind is a pimply faced nerd with black plastic framed glasses and a bow tie.  Buddy, that ain't me!   In fact, most model railroaders I know don't fit that description and as you stated, many are CEOs and other pillars of the community.  I share my garden RR hobby with tug boat captains, police officers, construction moguls, and many others representing a general cross section of society at large.


    I don't fit the "norm" and I suspect that if you really looked past prejudice you will find that 99% of the world doesn't fit the norm.  The kids who tease somebody for whatever reason are in for a very rude wake up call later in life.  Pity them, but don't change who you are because of them.

    The Dixie D Short Line "Lux Lucet In Tenebris Nihil Igitur Mors Est Ad Nos 2001"

  • MilwaukeeRoad,   I at this  time would like to Say Thank YOU  on a Great Post Question:

    and a Thank you also go to tangerine-jack, and All the others who chimed in.  Tangerine-jack your last post I think Summed it all up :)   Great real great :D  

  •  when i was in school i used to wear train shirts,but not with a picture of a train on it just the name of the railroad. you would be surprised how many girls came up to me asking about the shirt. they were curious. they would ask, and i would tell them, they thought it was neat. i met a lot of girls that way. if you like it you should be proud of it,dont hide it !
  • Yeah,

    We've all been down that road before. Sometimes It makes me mad, but other times I just laught about it and move on. I'd rather read a Railroad Magazine than a car magazine. Every one thinks its funny, except for a few who are rialfans. Another isn't but undertands that its just as much the same thing as a car person, but instead of a Camry its a 4-8-4 or something to that extent.

    I find that if you have the ablitity to laught at yourself then it doesent hurt. I think it stopped hurting after Middle School. That was the only time I ever fought back. It did a little bit of good, but not much. I gave one kid a black eye and I vanadlized the Boys Locker room.

    I raided the lockers, putting all cell phones, CD players, and any other electronic devices in the coach's office. I put lotion in one boys text book, I took pants and shoes and book bags a rearanged them all over the place. They were in the sink, in the toilet stalls, in the showers, on the floor, and just everywhere in the place. It was utter chaos and I nejoyed hearing the mayhem as everyone was scrambling around.

    But I checked to make sure there were no cameras in the halls or locker room first, and to this day I never have been found out.

    Oh, and I set off a stink bomb in one boy's locker the last day of school, who had teased me the worst. It was very satisfying.

    High School people (save for many freshmen) are much more mature. Some are interested, and when they have questions I answer them patiently and with very detailed responses. A few have asked to look at my copies of Trains or Model Railroader, or whatever mgazine I have with me.

    In Middle school I carried around a binder full of them, which is probably why I was made fun of. Now I find its just extra baggage and I carry one, sometimes 2 in a protector sleve of sorts (I like my magazines to remain in prestine condition).

    Sometimes its a magazine sometimes its a catalog. When the Watlher's catalogs come out I take that for a while and read it.

    But now I just brush it away and keep on truckin' and doing what I love.


    Nick! :)

  • Nice reply cheese! That's a more typical, down to earth answer. Nice pranks!Yeah!! [yeah] What railroad do you model? Pictures? What grade are you in now?
    Alex Czajkowski
  • Ah Yes,

    How silly to forget to include some personal info. I am 16 and I am in 10th (only 13 or 12 days left). I don't model a particular prototype, as I am too unatached to do so.

    I am a southerner, so naturally my favorite roads are the ACL, Southern, and the Norfolk and Western. I am also a SP, UP, and ATSF fan. I have a Rivvarossi Northern in Greyhound scheme which runs frequently with freight and passenger cars on the local club's layout. I'd have to say the Pennsy is my favorite northern road. I have a K4 on layaway at my LHS.

    Since I can't choose from all of those, I decided to Model the a freelanced version of the Tennessee Central Railroad.

    I'll leave more details later.



    Nick! :)

  • Hey guys! Im 15, and dont get made fun of for one reason. You cant prance around and flaunt about it, because your asking for trouble. Most people know I like trains, but you wont catch me with any train shirts,hats, or any other memorabelia (sp?) at school. Thats probably why im somewhat popular. I am just as big of a railfan, if not bigger, as all of you, but why bring attention to something so "wierd" right? You all know that its not any different from cars, and many dudes love cars! Lets see how cool their car is when its in a 1000 pieces all over the right of way. But honestly, dont be a geek about it and you will be fine. It seems to vary, some schools are different, and many on here said that people actually think its cool. Ive brought a few of my friends up on engines a few times, and they liked it. Dont hide your hobby, but dont draw attention to yourself and you should be fine. Cant wait till' schools out!


    Check out my pics! [url="http://wctransfer.rrpicturearchives.net/"] http://www.railpictures.net/showphotos.php?userid=8714
  • Thanks Alec, but I don't advertise this either. Have any of your friends saw your layout?
    Alex Czajkowski
  • I dont have a layout up yet, but many have seen my models.


    Check out my pics! [url="http://wctransfer.rrpicturearchives.net/"] http://www.railpictures.net/showphotos.php?userid=8714
  • What did they think of it?
    Alex Czajkowski