Lionel F7 diesel problems

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Lionel F7 diesel problems

  •    Just lately, (yesterday), my Lionel NYC F7 diesel (bought in 2001 with the Lionel NYC Limited passenger set) has been having problems. I start it up, go into forward and it goes for about 5 inches and dies, just loses power as if it were off the rails. It happens every time I start up, anything I can do?
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  • Thank You. I found this thread from google. In the future I will use the proper discusion thread. I hope I wont have further problems. Thanks again.
  • Hi guys,

    Post these problems in the Classic Toy Trains forum, and you will get more replies. As for Paul's problem, the TMCC antenna may not be getting a signal from the command base.

    Colin from
  • I'm having the same problems with my GG1. All the sound work great. Every option functions. But it goes for a second and stops. I keep turning the wheel on the CAB-1 and it goes faster, but only for a second and it stops. Did you ever get this resolved?
  • dw, I have a Lionel FT diesel from a 2001 set, my railsounds were all scrambled up. I sent the loco to Charles Ro Supply, (the largest Lionel dealer in the US). They found some wires that had come loose (Lionel just taped them up) and rubbed on the inside of the loco from operating it. This in turn shorted out the hall sensor, thus scrambling the sounds, I still get sound but it was random. Your loco may have the same problem, you may have some wires inside shorting it out. There should be about 4 screws that you can access from under the loco (4 corners) and the cab should lift off. You may have to turn the front truck to access the front screws. Also beware, when you remove the cab, if there is a rear "ladder" on the loco, the ladder will fall off the frame, it mounts along with the screws.

    (I am still waiting for the rear truck on my loco, Charles Ro has had it for 1 year! The whole truck must be replaced, as the hall sensor is pressed into it during the manufacturing process)

    Hope this helps,