Teens and college students into trains

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Teens and college students into trains

  • While in college I had a layout in my Dorm Room. It was a 4x8 with a pair of 3' long wings on either end where they went across a desk and into the closet.

     Mind you I had a single room so I could do this.  Single rooms in dorms are getting rarer so I don't know how successful new students or existing students would be at pulling this off.

     The comments were great, they varied between, "did you know you have a train in your room?" to, "can you leave your room open when your gone.  I want to play."  I never had a problem with leaving the door open, because there was practically someone in there from noon to 7pm.  My wing/floor liked to use it as a stress relief.

    it was fun.

  • Colby, you are my buddy, but I didn't want to know that.

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  • I get teased day in and day out. 75% of my school which has around 700 kids has heard about me or knowns about me being "obsessed" with trains, enjoying country music, eating pineapple and ham pizza, every thing that they find "funny" or "strange" about me like it's open to public scrutiny. even my hight of 6 foot and being skinny they go and say stuff like "your tall" when I'm like a foot tasller than them. but after phys ed I s*ck my gut in reveling all of my ribs for everyone to see. it's my secret weppon.
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  • Yuck, never smoked and never plan to. It is a discusting habit. So how's thangs up north in Massachusetts, pardner?

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  • I'm 18 and nearly everyone I know that I've told about the trains think they're cool. The only exception were a few kids back in middle school who called me a dork for "having toy trains".......but that's okay, since they were smoking cigarettes at the age of 13Shock [:O]



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  • Have no fear, the redneck is here. How's it going boys?

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  • that is always a plus
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  •  ArmyTrainman wrote:
    Another problem I see is many Teen railfans and Model railroaders are "in the closet" as thier hobby is often misunderstood by thier peers and by even there parents. Many see the hobby as playing with toys when they should be worrying about other things. I'll tell you this I was made fun of for this nd many other reasons by my peers but I got over it and had fun because trains were my hobby and they provided me with enjoyment.

    Well, that isnt the case for me,

    As the captain of my football team last year, and a prominent leader this year (we dont have captains), as well as a dominant baseball player, I have a say in whats "cool" or not. All my friends think thats trains are ok and especially the girls think modelrailroading is cool.


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  • well I'm a 13 year old from Maine. Lewiston Middle School is were I got to school. 8th grade. Come I've been into the hobby for almost a year now. I've liked trains for 12 1/2 years. I do volinteer work at the local YWCA. there I bring my layout (I use life like power loc track) and run it. and my train still lives!! the 3-4 year olds are facinated by it. I have brought it there numerous times. I do go to the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad ( www.mngrr.org )( www.mngrr.com ) every time I go there I get free cab rides. and on the 26th I'm going down there to help out with a Day Out With Thomas The Tank Engine.I am also a member of the Great Fall Model Railroad Club. ( www.greatfallsmodelrrclub.org )

    Maine Central rules! Lewiston High School Swimteam nickname: Loco Colby
  • I am a 42 year old college student at saginaw valley state university near bay city, michigan. we have no clubs around here, but i keep hoping that a student group will perhaps someday start a model railroad club here. in the area near svsu and bay city, we have lake state railway, saginaw bay southern, huron & eastern and csx
  • Thanks for the info.

    I like NS but CSX has the B&O.
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by dougal

    I'm the Northeast Region Rep. of the TAMR.

    I'm in the Northeast Region. John who lives in new jersey

  • I'm seventeen and really like modeling the 1950's it's great the hey day of steam. By the way I think us teens get looked down upon sometimes. I bought a simple plastic kit to hack up and the clerk that rang me up said are you sure you can build this. After building three Roundhouse shays and multiple craftsman rolling stock and buildings......you tell me.
  • I am 16 and am into heavy metal music, guitar playing, SD40-2s, SD60-MACS, C449-W's , In love with the Burlington Northern, Really want to test drive a new GE evolution series or a new EMD SD70ACE sometime
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by AndyInserra

    If there are any kids out there into trains and model railroading reading this they might like to look into the Teen Association of Model Railroaders [www.tamr.org] or some of the college railroad clubs that are around [they mainly seem to be in the Midwest and East Coast].


    I just turned 13 and I am a member of TAMR. I think it is a great group.