Rude residents call csx on me

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Rude residents call csx on me

  • most the kids in my school skateboard, but i dont like to follow the crowd, i just do my own thing[:D]

  • QUOTE: Originally posted by AC6000CW

    my class mates thinks im just wasting my time with trains. do yall agree or disagree. oh by the way im just 15 feet from the csx railroad track on a country road in florida.

    So what exactly do your friends waste THEIR time doing that's so much better?

    Playing video games?
    Smile, it makes people wonder what you're up to. Chief of Sanitation; Clowntown
  • nope, i never got a ticket, but the lady did get talked to by the police i think.

    thanks for your consern,
  • I still never got an answer to my Question did he get a ticket , or did anyone take down his I D. please respond glenn bob[bow][B)][?]
  • QUOTE: I saw people walking on the tracks with their dogs, or just walking on them for no reason. People like that should get in trouble, railfans should not!

    I am ten,I may not know a lot,but how could they fine a kid?I bet the legal area to be by a RR yard is 30 shouldnt by a railyard unless youre by the end or crossing them, but not when youre walking in them.wish you a happy hallowen.GOD BLESS TRAINS
  • The main thing is that you were polite !
    Be careful and enjoy the TRAINS !!![ tup][tup]
  • She might be worried about his safety, as well as other cases, but, you're closer in a car at a crossing, so, what's the big deal with STANDING trackside?!


  • you are correct if you keep 50 feet from the center of the track you are outside railroad property unless you are in a yard... the only ones who can give you a ticket are the rail road police they are a special federal agency set up a long time ago becouse railroad property is always crossing city ,county, and state bordes. ther are an independent police force and look like real city police ,with blue uniforms and a big silver badge, sometimes they may dress diferently like a swat team member. but they do have full athority on railroad property and are mainly looking for theft of cargo on the railroad>>>>>[^][8D][:)]glennbob
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by Amtrakid

    okay, I'm 12 years old and just about every day i walk down to the trax to watch a ES or local. So i'm sitting there with my scanner and some lady who lives across the trax calls csx on me and now i could have to pay a huge fine. Can csx fine me even though i never did anything??? to be honest with you all i should of told the lady to mind her own *** buisness. P.S. I never got near the trax about 50ft or so and there was no signs.
    if people keep doin this no kids such as myself will ever enjoy trains like they used to.[:(]

  • No, i havn't gotten in anymore trouble, i got a cabride! The NYS despatcher is in the family, so i wont be gettin blamed anymore!![:D]

  • AC6000CW no I have not seen any of the newer BNSF logo on any of BNSF's Locomotive's just yet.
    But I did see the new logo on some Stack cars that came through Blair today. I like them,they are realy nice. Allan.
  • Well you got a lot of hits ,on your tangle with the old lady turning you in to the csx . my ?- is did you get a ticket from an csx offical namely the railroad security officer.. if not and no one asked to see you I>D> your are OK>>>>>glennbob
  • i agree bnsf railfan.bnsf railfan have you seen the new bnsf logo and any es44dc locomotives?
  • Another thing I want to ask you young Teens out there..........
    Why do you young kids always let others bother you or wreck your lives just because you like Trains. I mean for God sake I was your age once. Don't let others tell you what they think. Don't let them push you around. You have a great hobby,go out and enjoy it while you can. As for the residents do what you have been telling them,I like Trains or,I am Railfanning. I know it is hard but my god guys don't let them get to you for goodness sake. Just ignore them. Now get out there and enjoy those Trains. Let's put it this way guys. I am 32 Years old now. And even I still get people who come up to me asking what am I doing. I just tell them that I am a Railfan and I am out watching Trains. Allan.
  • QUOTE: Originally posted by coborn35
    She asked me if was going to kill myself, i thought about saying, yes, want to come?,
    [(-D] LOL........That is very bold and very funny.