Rude residents call csx on me

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Rude residents call csx on me

  • One of my friends owns a small railroad he can't run because a ***** won't let him run because she got a ****** court order.
    If I was fined because of a lady, I would file a discriminanton lawsuit against her and teach her that I don't care what you have to say, because I'll railfan if and where I want to. I'm 14(today- the 14th)
    I have been railfanning for a long time, and I've become friends with many railfans, and the UP Steam Team. Never told to leave, but a BNSF cop asked us to keep on the lookout for copper theives, who shut down the BNSF in Kansas, so he thought at first we might be one of them, but we weren't, and he gave us a BNSF "swoosh" tile.
    I have over time met many crews.
    I just think I just have been in luck, but it can bad--------quick.

    Also, you may want to file a suit against CSX, to say you are being harassed, because you have done nothing illegal. To do something against CSX may be uncomfortable, but you have to do it if you have done no wrong, because of that dumb woman, who thinks a kid might be a terrorist and is going to do some sabatoge. Get a petition against the fine, whatever.
    One thing, shoving it in her face and saying verbal harassment can get you in deeper doo-doo, just to make it less stressful.
    Do what those railfans shooting the commuters trains did who got arrested for taking pictures, retaliate by using the legal system
    -Michael It's baaaacccckkkk!!!!!!
  •     As a conductor here in central iowa we get told by the officals with the U P to report  all And to long a trespassers and people with cmeras. Not too lonmg ago I had an offical on a ride along and we spottted a guy in Ames Iowa stabding off of railroad property taking pjotos and this offical got on his cell phone to report this guy to the dispatcher   And I had the Ba...s to tell this offical that the man in question was off of U P property and had every right to take pictures. But to say the least i was shot down and told to mind my own business    Larry
    larry ackerman
  • UGH!

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  • I am 17 and frequent the railroads in the Joliet/Crest Hill area. I have not once had any problems in this area, but I have been told several times to leave places when I go traveling, every time from public property. The first time was at BNSF's Eola Yard when a rude Kane County sheriff ordered us to leave, thanks to some stupid people parked past the trespassing signs, even though we weren't the ones parked past the signs! He said a UP engineer called us in when a UP train didn't even come through! The second problem was when I went to a Pine Junction with a friend of mine. We were sitting all the way over by the EJ&E tracks when a CSX cop told as to leave, even though we were over 100 yards from their tracks! The third problem occured at Blue Island Junction on a PUBLIC SIDWALK when another CSX cop told us to leave. I've been back there since and haven't had problems. Then we went on a trip to Galesburg and was on the Thirwell bridge over the yard when a Galesburg cop told us to leave because he was suspicious we were "going to jump onto a train"! Then we head off to Homewood to the yard. Here I am on a public road when a CN officer comes up and tells us there are "new laws that prohibit photgraphyy of trains". I just went to the other side of the street and kept getting photos, and he left, go figure! He knew who was in the right! Then on the same day I was thrown off another public bridge in Bedford Park by a Chicago police officer. I don't know what the heck he was doing throwing us off a public bridge that wasn't even in Chicago! Overall, I've had quite a few run-ins, but that hasn't stopped me, and I've returned to every location mentioned above and haven't had any more problems. I do have to say it has gotten out of hand lately around here.
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  • Sad [:(] rail cops are really cracking dow hard here for being on RR PROPERTY not track just property 90 days in jail + $2000 fine! OUCH! dont worry though it seems from the information your ok, did you get a bill for the fine? this does not seem right im my book, my idea some people just like to be mean.

    LETS GO TIGERS! (clap, clap, clap clap clap )
  • I'm 13 and I love trains. When i'm out railfaning  sometimes people call the cops on me! IT *** PISSES ME OFF! I read that the closest you can get to a train with out breaking the law is 15 feet. So I'm not doing anything wrong!
  • i don't get busted for things because i record in the woods next to the Glen Ellyn UP line and people see me with my video camrea and just keep know the UP line banned picture taking and recording of trains at their stations because their worried about terroist attacks?....IDIOTS...
  • What is the charge? You have to have broken a law or an ordinance in order to be fined.



  • I'm 13 too and have been nailed for stupid things like that, too. Man i hate that!!
  • Well I have never been in any real trouble with the railroads or the cops for doing such things. Course, I imagine that it helps when you know a number of the maitenance workers in town and when you have good friends in your local police department.

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  • the thing to do is become friends with a guy that owns property the the track is layed on, like my friend joe, he owns 400 acers, and tracks criss cross over the property, if csx or ns come, i have joes permission to be there, i just show them my papers and they leave me a lone, its fricking sweet,
    -mike A.K.A. Slappy B&LE: It ain't owned by CN, it owns CN!
  • All I can add is this:

    If anyone, regardless of age, is railfanning properly and legally, and anyone, be it cops, security guards, residents, RR employees, fellow classmates, nosy busybodys, or whoever, gives you any hassles about it, PLEASE, try to maintain your courtesy at all times.  Let the other person(s) act hostile.  Do try to cooperate with officials and employees.  If they say you are in the wrong, ask exactly what it is you're doing wrong, sometimes RR property goes more than 50'; and I personally would ask where a good place to watch trains would be.  It would show cooperation on your part, willingness to follow the rules, respect for their authority (even if they may be overstepping thier "official" authority), and generally an effort to maintain good relations.  It also lets them know your purpose for being there, and that you do not want to pose a security risk.  It will help give all us railfans and modellers a better reputation, and with a good reputation, we may eventually get to enjoy the finer aspects of railfanning.  The last thing we need is a bad reputation for being rude railfans.


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  • I'm 12 and I live right behind a Canadian National branch line. I often went to watch trains. However, I've never had a problem like this.

  • thats exactly my point lol. It seems as if it were middle aged men doing that, he wouldn't honestly care. But seeing as how every other kid that goes down their vandalizes it, i seem to be the scape goat.

  • You know that's funny most old poeple do not want to live anywhere near the railroads tracks. I deliberately bought a house near the railroad cause I love the railroad. Unless anyone sees you doing anything which actually impedes or damages any railroad property than they should mind their own business.